Hate: You’ve Got To Be Taught

Check out any one of the “whois…” websites created by Scientology to dehumanize its former members and one will see any number of unflattering accusations.

“Criminal moral code”, “serial liar”, “harasser”.

“..blatant defamation, attempted shakedowns, false reports to law enforcement, and incitations to hate…”

“Dishonest and vindictive”

Basically the majority of L. Ron Hubbard’s policies in a nutshell.

People live what they’re taught.

Growing up in Scientology or being indoctrinated through hours of psychological manipulation one is created in the image of the Founder.

An organization who doesn’t hesitate to create lies in order to destroy another’s character, reputation and even their livelihood is the epitome of a criminal moral code.

Scientology’s history of “Operations” designed to ruin their target shows an abundance of “shakedowns” and “defamation” that are all dishonest and vindictive.

Both L. Ron Hubbard and David Miscavige have violent, abusive histories so Scientology’s snarky attacks on Aaron Smith-Levin, Mike Rinder and Marc Headley are hypocritical in the extreme.

We ask “Where is Shelly?” Not because of where she is, but rather because of where she isn’t, at her husband’s side.

Every one of the negative labels applied to Scientology’s enemies is part of L. Ron Hubbard’s teaching.

Learning to lie effectively is an actual Training Routine.

Always attack, never defend.

Destroy by any means necessary.

Casting aspersions, making up falsehoods, harassing others; all of these are part of the Scientology doctrine, instilled into the psyche of adherents until hate is commonplace.

So deep does the dishonesty and vindictiveness run that members of the Sea Org believe these traits to be graces necessarily employed in order to create a better world.

For Scientology lying and abuse are virtues even though they fling accusations of the same like poison darts at those around them.

The hypocrisy is real.

OSA wants the world to believe that Mike Rinder, Amy Scobee, Leah Remini, Aaron Smith-Levin and others were mean, nasty bullies before they were kicked out of Scientology. So if these claims are true (and they aren’t), where did they learn such behavior?

Scientology is the common denominator.

Just look at the current social media accounts run by this wannabe church.

If it were true that because of such egregious behaviors Scientology expelled members, then they’ve got a lot more expelling to do.

Given the vast number of times COS has been exposed for lying and creating false stories with which to cause hurt and harm, the scorned actions placed at the feet of Remini, Rinder et al should be the impetus for a major house cleaning.

In the 1958 musical South Pacific Hammerstein wrote a number as applicable today as it ever was.

You’ve got to be taught

To hate and fear,

You’ve got to be taught

From year to year,

It’s got to be drummed

In your dear little ear

You’ve got to be carefully taught…

3 thoughts on “Hate: You’ve Got To Be Taught

  1. “Leah Rimjob is a hateful cunt.”

    Seriously, is this really the phrasing you want to use when calling others hateful? Especially if you are a member of a cult that brags how it teaches folks how to communicate.

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  2. JustJustice “I’d like to say Leah Remini has changed over the years but I think she’s always been hateful.”

    I would bet that JustJustice does not know LR (due to the fact that he/she does not claim to). He is relying on what he has been fed by the cult he’s shilling for. While his speaking up with such vehemence and yet skimpy evidence is problematic for someone aspiring to his moniker, even he should know that the narrative he’s parroting does not hold up. He should know since he is someone who has achieved a higher level of being human courtesy of elron’s “tech” and wields all the tools that come with that. Although basic wog-level logic would suffice.

    LR was a lifelong scientologist–until she wasn’t. The cult successfully amputated her reactive mind, got her well into the oatee levels and faithfully cashed every single check she ever wrote, to the tune of millions of $$$. They repeatedly featured her as an exemplary scientologist in their magazines. In fact, we know that when John Sweeney and the BBC came calling, the cult took this extremely seriously and dispatched their A-Team to “handle” them. Among those sent to represent was none other than LR. In fact, Sweeney recalled her as a standout in the lineup in a recent interview.

    It doesn’t take oatee skills to figure out that the “hateful Leah” story holds up about as well as a vampire in a solarium. If she was that “hateful”, how did elron’s infallible “tech” fail to fix her? Not that it seems to have worked any better on JustJustice or his cohorts spewing venom. In fact, the “tech” leaves them incapable of spewing at least intelligent and credble venom, if the bar were to be set that low. And let’s face it, fixing communications skills os the bare beginnings of the “tech” journey.

    But even if it is admitted that the “tech” is incapable of bringing about positive personality changes or at least the ability to reason cogently and communicate credibly, it seems to be equally at a loss when it comes to at least diagnosing such destructive personality types. Apparently, “hateful” individuals can spend decades in the cult, undetected by the “tech” which is said to reverse “humanity’s dwindling spiral.”

    No wonder that the “clearing of the planet” is falling behind by the minute. No wonder that the cult keeps enabling and defending sociopaths like danny masterson and david miscavige or defending elron’s legacy of long debunked lies. No wonder that the only way the cult manages to try to sell its wares is through front organizations that will do their utmost not to mention the scientology brand. And no wonder that more and more folks go the way of Leah Remini: They figure it out and flee. Maybe one day JustJustice will listen to himself, rue what he has become and will be out the door as well.

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  3. Freedom Magazine, the Scientology run mag that we parishioners were supposed to think was independent, is filed with hateful articles.
    Years earlier when I was a good little Scientologist, I was handed one. The person handing it to me, was a Scientology staffer.
    It had a number of attack articles. It was hateful. Reading it riled me up.
    I hadn’t read hate magazines before. But I read it, then I knew who to hate and distrust.
    Then the appropriate Scientology front group came to town for one of their dreadful events. An event where I felt compelled to give money, because their plan was to attack the psychs, or the current boogie man that Freedom magazine’s articles set me up to hate.
    Scientology, cherch of Hatin’, no wonder they’re rated next to Church of Satan.

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