Smoke and Mirrors

In January 2019 there was a tragic, fatal stabbing at the Australian Scientology Org. Just a few months later Scientology decided to hold a “Family Fun Day” at the very same spot the murder took place. People were outraged at the idea of such obvious callous disrespect in throwing a party where someone had so […]

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Enough Is Enough!

When is enough…enough? Scientology has become accustomed to simply bullying its way through anything and anyone who dares to bar its way. From the very beginning anger has been used as a cudgel. L. Ron Hubbard himself was an unstable, angry, violent man. He used his temper and his fists on his wives, he drove […]

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Bobbling Along, Thanks Scientology

Scientology defender The Truth Network posted a blog piece about the Aftermath Foundation’s new Mike Rinder bobble head. — On March 27th a man wielding a sword was killed in a Scientology building in Inglewood, CA. Back in January a boy stabbed and killed a Scientologist at the Australian Scientology Center. Currently there is an […]

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