Hello Darkness, My Old Friend…

He knew. One of the core beliefs of Scientology is that Man is immortal and fated to return over and over. By extension, they also believe that their Founder and Source, L. Ron Hubbard would one day return, pick the reins back up and continue to lead them ad infinitum. For Scientologists, all the words […]

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COS: The Destruction of the Mind

The Hidden Hurt L. Ron Hubbard called Dianetics a “Science of the Mind”. He touted it as the answer to all Man’s problems and the only thing that can free him. Dianetics is know within Scientology as Book One. It is the foundation stone for everything that Scientology is today. The cult claims that by […]

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The Cult has Two Faces

Or, do as we say, not as we do… After a suspicious dearth of Nasty-Grams by Creepy Eddie Parkin, STAND League retweeted a syrupy, idealistic little post dated January 2019 addressing religious intolerance. —https://www.standleague.org/blog/religious-tolerance-how-you-can-earn-peace.html Written by one Ellis Craig. He leads with a simplistic history lesson as an analogy in order to lay a foundation […]

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The Cult of Fear

On a bright, sunny morning a man we’ll call Joe strolls along the sidewalk. Overall he is a happy man, his life trundling along as it should. He married his high school sweetheart after graduating with honors. College, career and two children followed leading to this moment in time where he is heading to the […]

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The True and Ugly Face of Scientology

Religion. Humanitarian. Ethical. Spiritual. All these words are used by Scientology to describe themselves. None of them apply. This morning on twitter, Edward Parkin has decided to continue to attack and cyber bully a young man suffering from mental illness. There is absolutely nothing different between this twitter post by Parkin and someone walking up […]

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Beyond the Law

Or, Who Will Protect Those Who Are Unable to Protect Themselves? In spite of multiple eyewitnesses to physical, verbal, sexual and emotional abuse being carried out on members of Scientology, law enforcement seems apathetic. Right now there are allegedly 30 or more people being held inside a filthy set of double wide trailers being subjected […]

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