Elisabeth Moss Keeps the Media Firmly Away From Her Beliefs

There is an interesting article on Yahoo Entertainment this morning entitled Elisabeth Moss Gives a Rare Interview about Scientology: It’s a Complicated Thing. —https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/elisabeth-moss-scientology-interview-170819462.html Taryn Ryder, the writer of the article opens with the hook; “Elisabeth Moss is giving a rare glimpse into her beliefs as a Scientologist.” A better lede would have been “Elisabeth […]

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There is No Point in Yesterday

Or: We Do Not Believe in Reincarnation or Past Lives. Maybe. Scientology is filled with strange, conflicting and confusing beliefs. Claiming a belief in a Supreme Being while at the same time calling their Thetan “Creator of life, itself” then hedging by saying you can believe in God if you want to. Or not. It […]

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COS: The Destruction of the Mind

The Hidden Hurt L. Ron Hubbard called Dianetics a “Science of the Mind”. He touted it as the answer to all Man’s problems and the only thing that can free him. Dianetics is know within Scientology as Book One. It is the foundation stone for everything that Scientology is today. The cult claims that by […]

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Bobbling Along, Thanks Scientology

Scientology defender The Truth Network posted a blog piece about the Aftermath Foundation’s new Mike Rinder bobble head. —exposenetwork.blogspot.com On March 27th a man wielding a sword was killed in a Scientology building in Inglewood, CA. Back in January a boy stabbed and killed a Scientologist at the Australian Scientology Center. Currently there is an […]

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The Cult has Two Faces

Or, do as we say, not as we do… After a suspicious dearth of Nasty-Grams by Creepy Eddie Parkin, STAND League retweeted a syrupy, idealistic little post dated January 2019 addressing religious intolerance. —https://www.standleague.org/blog/religious-tolerance-how-you-can-earn-peace.html Written by one Ellis Craig. He leads with a simplistic history lesson as an analogy in order to lay a foundation […]

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Scientology’s Forked Tongue

On February 25th, 2019 Edward Parkin posted a blog entry stamped “For Immediate Release”. The apparent urgency was for STAND League to announce that “STAND Condemns Rise of Anti-Semitism in France.” —https://www.standleague.org/news/stand-condemns-rise-of-anti-semitism-in-france.html According to upi.com, this anti-Semitic desecration is one incident of many in a 74% increase in anti Jewish hate crimes in France since […]

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The Cult of Fear

On a bright, sunny morning a man we’ll call Joe strolls along the sidewalk. Overall he is a happy man, his life trundling along as it should. He married his high school sweetheart after graduating with honors. College, career and two children followed leading to this moment in time where he is heading to the […]

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