Uncaring and Evil

May 1st Taryn Teutsch tried to sneak in another video attacking Mike Rinder. She didn’t post it on her blog for “all” of her “supporters” to see. It appeared on her YouTube channel where we encourage everyone to visit and leave polite, non-attacking comments. “Today in particular, I wanted to illuminate a very specific characteristic […]

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When is it Scientology’s Turn?

An excellent, informative article by Kelsey Weekman for In The Know discusses a group on TikTok known as The Garden and it’s concerning potential for evolution from bucolic off grid cooperative to cult. Weekman’s piece also addresses what cults are and what often motivates people to become involved. It repeats the fact that no one […]

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Scientology Attacks Jeffrey Augustine

Stand League blogger Rodger Clark is a walking, talking example of everything wrong with Scientology. Clark, like the cult he defends, hides malicious hate, abuse and cowardly bullying behind a fictitious façade of good. Having attained the state of Clear back in 1987, he appears to now be working his way along the Classification, Gradation […]

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Taryn’s Weekly Rant

In this week’s episode of As The Lies Churn Taryn Teutsch goes for the dramatic once again with a blood curdling tale of horror worthy of Hubbard, himself. “He destroyed her right shoulder by fracturing it, by damaging her nerves. She ended up with blood streaming off her arm and dripping on the floor, gouged […]

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Who is Elise Winters Representing?

The eleventh hour proposal to reduce Clearwater Downtown Development Board’s ex-officio seats by one raised questions for many including this writer. In the interest of clarity and fairness we reached out to Elise Winters, the DDB’s attorney for comment. Elise Winters, P.A.1006 Drew StreetClearwater, FL 33755 April 12, 2021 Ms Winters,My name is Stefani Hutchison. […]

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Scientology’s Attempt to Limit Their Critics in Clearwater

“The DDB requests that the Clearwater City Council appoint one council member to serveas an ex-officio (non-voting) member of the DDB at the next available meeting.PASSED AND ADOPTED this 7th day of April, 2021.Paris Morfopoulos, Chairman” City of Clearwater’s Downtown Development Board has a Scientology majority amongst the members. DDB is comprised of 7 voting […]

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The Documentation

Taryn Teutsch continues her vicious attack on Mike Rinder accusing him of domestic violence. Never Ins new to this fair game campaign can find the pertinent documentation here for reference. The first document is the Pinellas County Sheriff’s report of the incident. This is THE key piece of evidence. Taryn insists that she wants justice […]

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