Where is The Media?

Scientology has for months been engaged in a virulent, malicious campaign of misinformation and twisted propaganda across social media. No one is safe from Miscavige’s narcissistic spleen. Journalists, former members, business owners and sponsors peripherally connected to former members; OSA is an equal opportunity Hate Monger. Falling through the cracks is the reason for this […]

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Convenient Apostasy

Search the word “Apostate” on Scientology’s Stand League site and one will be bombarded with post after post addressing the subject. Bottom line is that Scientology desperately wants the world to ignore its former members. From personal opinions to the citing of experts, Scientology insists that there can be no credibility or honesty found in […]

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Hate Monitor Got BUSTED!

Yesterday we wrote about Scientology deliberately lying about a story published in Jezebel Magazine. Scientology’s Hate Monitor tweeted that Jezebel was finally “catching on” to Leah Remini’s supposed bigotry and support of rapists. The truth is that Jezebel received a statement from Scientology spokesperson Karin Pouw which was included in an article about the Danny […]

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Well This Was Stupid…

Another day, another blatant lie by the most ethical religion on the planet. Hate Monitor is throwing even the semblance of truth to the winds as they desperately attempt to find something…anything…to make Leah Remini look bad. In this episode of By Any Means Necessary we have Scientology quoting itself in an attempt to deceive […]

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David Miscavige: Failing Monumentally

Within Scientology nothing happens without David Miscavige’s approval. In fact, the diminutive Captain is known for his insistence that he is the one wearing all the hats, doing all the work. Without him nothing would ever get done. Just ask him. Thus it is perfectly reasonable to assert that the vicious, hourly social media hectoring […]

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COS and Clearwater; What Unity?

In 1975 The United Churches of Florida came to the city of Clearwater and purchased the historic Fort Harrison Hotel. Claiming they were an ecumenical group from Los Angeles who wanted to improve ethics and morality in Clearwater, The United Churches of Florida deployed guards armed with mace and billy clubs to their newly acquired […]

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Did @ExposeNetwork Expose Too Much?

@ExposeNetwork posted this bizarre tweet on April 4th and all that can be thought is that perhaps it was a belated April Fool’s Day prank. Scientology does not have a movie theater, bowling alley, entertainment complex or nightclub. Nor was there a “spirit of partnership or collaboration with the city” with the purchases of the […]

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Another Duped Mayor

L. Ron Hubbard; bigamist, liar, domestic abuser. Founder of what is arguably the most successful conglomerate cult ever created, Hubbard plagiarized and bastardized the ideas and theories of others into his Science of the Mind. There was no research. Just as there were no Doctorates, no Ph.D, no MD. He was a high school and […]

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