Scientologists: People of Goodwill

Clearwater, Florida may have dodged Hurricane Ian, but it did have its own angry windbag to deal with. As reported by Vice News here and here, Scientologist and CEO of PostcardMania Joy Gendusa created a flap resulting in unwanted PR for both her company and her so-called “church”. As Florida braced for Ian, which had […]

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Fair Game: A Disgusting New Low

Scientology teaches that the spirit (Thetan) and the body are two separate entities. In fact Hubbard’s followers refer to the body simply as the Thetan’s vehicle, a “meat body” that is animated only so long as the Thetan is using it. Thetan, on the other hand, is “immortal” and spends eternity dropping one meat body […]

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Mike Rinder’s Misunderstood Tweet

Scientology teaches that when something tragic and horrible happens in one’s life it is because they “pulled it in”. Somehow, due to hidden “crimes” in a distant past life, a person earned the cosmic karma of illness, misfortune or loss. COS also claims it can remove the grief and pain from such experiences from one’s […]

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Scientology: The Enrollment Agreement, Suppressive Acts and the Comm Ev

As Valerie Haney fights for her right to Due Process, Aaron Smith-Levin posted a video that calls to mind the twisted path of Scientology “justice”. The journey begins with the Enrollment Agreement. In order to be considered a legal contract, enforceable by a court, the document must abide by certain requirements. Amongst those requirements are: […]

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