Malicious Christmas

For Christians the Solemnity of Christ’s birth heralds the coming of the long awaited Savior. Born in humble poverty, Jesus would go on to spend his life in compassionate, loving service to others until He made the ultimate sacrifice; giving His life for Mankind. Scientology, a baseless pseudoscience created by a delusional science fiction writer, […]

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Hijacking A Christian Holiday

HCOPL 3 Feb 1969 PUBLIC IMAGE states: “…you have to go civic, go outside Scientology, get support, organize committees, plot out campaigns, work for outside finance, etc. “In handling the above public image policy, you don’t announce the policy.” Like any good corporation, Scientology jumps on the Christmas bandwagon, plotting out campaigns to draw people […]

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A Short Scientology Christmas Carol

The Ghost of Christmas Past visited David Miscavige. His message: “The Great Religions of the world have stood the test of time because they all contain, at their core, teachings of peace, love and goodness. They encourage the growth and cohesion of family and community. Scientology cannot endure because you have abandoned anything remotely resembling […]

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