COS and Clearwater; What Unity?

In 1975 The United Churches of Florida came to the city of Clearwater and purchased the historic Fort Harrison Hotel. Claiming they were an ecumenical group from Los Angeles who wanted to improve ethics and morality in Clearwater, The United Churches of Florida deployed guards armed with mace and billy clubs to their newly acquired […]

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Did @ExposeNetwork Expose Too Much?

@ExposeNetwork posted this bizarre tweet on April 4th and all that can be thought is that perhaps it was a belated April Fool’s Day prank. Scientology does not have a movie theater, bowling alley, entertainment complex or nightclub. Nor was there a “spirit of partnership or collaboration with the city” with the purchases of the […]

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Paris Morfopoulos Got Roasted on Twitter

Looks like Taryn Teutsch actually has a supporter after all. Scientologist, President of One Stoppe Shoppe and head of Clearwater’s Downtown Development Board, Paris Morfopoulos is a prominent face of COS in the City. Lending his voice and support to Teutsch’s recent psychotic tantrum against University of Pennsylvania is not exactly what Clearwater needs from […]

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Miscavige’s “Fresh Start”: Not New, Not True

In October of 2019 TB Times journalist Tracey McManus wrote an incredible article detailing Scientology’s sweeping land grab in the City of Clearwater. Using shell corporations and subterfuge Scientology connected entities now own almost 200 properties. One statement in particular stands out in this description of the creeping invasion of Scientology tendrils that now embrace […]

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Representative Chris Latvala- Scientology Safepoint

Scientology is a cult of greed, deception, abuse and ultimate psychological terrorism. Where true religions teach compassion, tolerance and forgiveness, Scientology attacks, hates and destroys. Because of their immutable sacred doctrine of vengeance, hostility and the eradication of the individual, it was necessary to also engage in the creation of a fictional, ill fitting public […]

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