Miscavige’s “Fresh Start”: Not New, Not True

In October of 2019 TB Times journalist Tracey McManus wrote an incredible article detailing Scientology’s sweeping land grab in the City of Clearwater. Using shell corporations and subterfuge Scientology connected entities now own almost 200 properties. One statement in particular stands out in this description of the creeping invasion of Scientology tendrils that now embrace […]

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Who is Elise Winters Representing?

The eleventh hour proposal to reduce Clearwater Downtown Development Board’s ex-officio seats by one raised questions for many including this writer. In the interest of clarity and fairness we reached out to Elise Winters, the DDB’s attorney for comment. Elise Winters, P.A.1006 Drew StreetClearwater, FL 33755 April 12, 2021 Ms Winters,My name is Stefani Hutchison. […]

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Scientology’s Attempt to Limit Their Critics in Clearwater

“The DDB requests that the Clearwater City Council appoint one council member to serveas an ex-officio (non-voting) member of the DDB at the next available meeting.PASSED AND ADOPTED this 7th day of April, 2021.Paris Morfopoulos, Chairman” City of Clearwater’s Downtown Development Board has a Scientology majority amongst the members. DDB is comprised of 7 voting […]

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Scientology- Creating Their Own Demise

After my invitation to exit the Scientology Information Center I crossed back over Cleveland Street and headed to the Starbucks on the corner. From my table I could see the building and the quiet, empty sidewalks. Aaron Smith-Levin encouragingly provides a bit of positive news in that there are some amazing upcoming businesses looking forward […]

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My visit to Clearwater for the Cult City Tour this afternoon is going swimmingly and I could NOT be enjoying myself more! I’m in process of moving hotels since the Spring Break traffic is outrageous in my former spot. At the moment I’m a homeless person. After a beautiful morning of metal detecting at the […]

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Scientology’s Suspect Surge

Scientology’s insecurities are showing. Apropos of absolutely nothing, the “world’s fastest growing religion” has found it necessary to issue a press release from the center of the ghost town they’ve created announcing a recent “surge of visitors”. Downtown Clearwater, Florida has, thanks to the creeping spread of David Miscavige’s narcissistic avarice, become an empty shell […]

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Scientology- Dictating A Partnership

“The Church of Scientology can assist the city in a number of ways. One is to continue to provide input to the city concerning the revised downtown redevelopment plan.In addition, the church needs to communicate what its plans are for future expansion. By providing this type of information to the city, the church would help […]

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