Who Benefits From the I.M.F.C?

Until the International Multi-Faith Coalition can prove different, there is enough circumstantial evidence to support the belief that it is just another Scientology front. Many of the articles contained on the website are authored by various of the questionable members who may or may not be who and/or what they claim to be. Some articles […]

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Hate: You’ve Got To Be Taught

Check out any one of the “whois…” websites created by Scientology to dehumanize its former members and one will see any number of unflattering accusations. “Criminal moral code”, “serial liar”, “harasser”. “..blatant defamation, attempted shakedowns, false reports to law enforcement, and incitations to hate…” “Dishonest and vindictive” Basically the majority of L. Ron Hubbard’s policies […]

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Blind Activism Causes More Harm Than Good

In 2019 the Reverend L’Heureux wrote a letter to Disney CEO Robert Iger defending Scientology and alleging discrimination against the A&E docuseries Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath. We contacted him to better understand his concerns only to discover that L’Heureux claimed to have very little understanding about Scientology or it’s beliefs, nor had he […]

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The International Multi-Faith Coalition: Defending Rape as a Religious Right

A response to the article Religious Freedom Letter to The Superior Court of California. The International Multi-Faith Coalition has, as it’s mission: “To Restore Sacrosanctity to all Houses of Worship – We Are Family – Respect the Religious Beliefs of Others.” Numbering amongst its members is the Reverend Dr. Cecil “Chip” Murray who may best […]

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Convenient Apostasy

Search the word “Apostate” on Scientology’s Stand League site and one will be bombarded with post after post addressing the subject. Bottom line is that Scientology desperately wants the world to ignore its former members. From personal opinions to the citing of experts, Scientology insists that there can be no credibility or honesty found in […]

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Well This Was Stupid…

Another day, another blatant lie by the most ethical religion on the planet. Hate Monitor is throwing even the semblance of truth to the winds as they desperately attempt to find something…anything…to make Leah Remini look bad. In this episode of By Any Means Necessary we have Scientology quoting itself in an attempt to deceive […]

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