Sauce for the Goose…

During the civil case brought by Danny Masterson’s accusers, Scientology vehemently fought to be allowed to force former members into religious arbitration per the Enrollment Agreement. Earlier this year however, Scientology suffered a stunning blow when the California Supreme Court ruled that the “church” could not in fact hold former members to the contract after […]

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Stand League’s Twisted Blindness

On February 11 Tony Ortega penned a heartfelt tribute to former Scientologist Ned McCrink who died of suicide. Leah Remini tweeted a link to Ortega’s article accompanied by several posts describing McCrink’s life. Here are her tweets: Scientology’s twisted response is to accuse her of exploiting a suicide to spread bigotry and hate, neither of […]

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Taryn Takes a Pot Shot at Leah Remini

Taryn Teutsch and Scientology’s OSA are still at it, releasing yet another video in her series “exposing” Mike Rinder’s alleged Stepford Minions. No Fair Game attack is complete until Leah Remini is brought into the mix, though beyond some name calling it is rather anticlimactic given what is usually on offer. Teutsch claims Remini “victim […]

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Scientology Fair Game Podcast: Scientology’s Lies

(Well, some of them…) Scientology Fair Game PodcastLinks to the original articles with corresponding documentation: July 2019- “The International Maritime Organization has appointed The Freewinds as a training platform to train crew members Caribbean-wide on maritime standards—a distinction it has held since 2007.” This was tweeted by expose network. It is also continually stated on […]

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Scientology Fair Game Podcast #68

During this most recent podcast, Mike Rinder, Leah Remini and Chris Shelton sat down and discussed one of the most frustrating topics affecting the fight to expose cults like Scientology. Self proclaimed “experts” who dismiss the experiences of former members as less credible due to negative bias. Chris Shelton has written an excellent article on […]

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COS- Deliberately Antagonistic

If former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick suddenly spoke out against pedophile priests it would not achieve the level of duplicity Scientology has raised to an art form. This tweet is so loaded with deception one struggles to find a place to start. Does one begin with the intentional fair game lies being constantly spread across social […]

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Scientology’s Latest Safepoints

Considering that Scientology has no spirituality and isn’t a religion it naturally follows that they have no holy days of their own. Filling this gap, the cult known for Fair Game and Disconnection, not to mention their blasphemous accusation that Jesus was a “lover of boys”, hijacks Christmas. Each year Scientology issues press releases extolling […]

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