OSA is Officially Out of Control

In a staggering case of throwing crap at the wall to see what will stick, David Miscavige’s desperate goons are making their boss look like a monumental asshole. With each new tweet the gap between believability and malarkey widens. First some fresh faced little operative decided that they’d attack Yashar Ali by making public a […]

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Charity or Crime?

According to the IRS Tax Guide in order to retain a 501 (c)(3) tax exemption certain requirements must be met. One of these rules is known as Private Benefit. Are the beneficiaries of the activities of Stand League, Hate Monitor, Vetted Facts, and Expose Network recognized objects of charity? Office of Special Affairs, (which is […]

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Fair Game; The Ugly Truth

From the outside Scientology presents as a humanitarian church working to save the planet and create a better society for all Mankind. A cursory glance shows the uninitiated a harmless, wacky cult; laughable tales of intergalactic warlords, volcanoes and even a pretend military complete with uniforms. Aliens aside, Scientology says all the right things, presents […]

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Ryan Glover Has All The Facts

Scientology has found a new Safepoint supporter in Ryan Glover. Out of nowhere and for reasons that probably elude even him, Ryan has taken to his blog to proclaim Leah Remini is a bigot and dangerous for poor Scientology. Considering it was David Miscavige who advised his private investigators he wanted Remini dead, had her […]

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Vetted “Facts” Fails Again

Scientology wouldn’t know “facts” if they were handed to them by ET himself etched in stone. Leah Remini was NOT a character witness for a convicted rapist. Paul Haggis has NOT been criminally convicted of rape. He was found liable for damages in a civil trial. Something he is still fighting. At the time Remini […]

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Hate Monitor Strikes Again

The stupid never seems to end. Get out your decoder rings, everyone. There’s a “secret anti-Scientology group” on Facebook, but fear not; Hate Monitor is on the case! Defying COS’ vaunted Study Tech, it would seem that the author of this tweet doesn’t understand the difference between secret and private. Astonishing in its absurdity, Hate […]

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