Smoke and Mirrors

In January 2019 there was a tragic, fatal stabbing at the Australian Scientology Org. Just a few months later Scientology decided to hold a “Family Fun Day” at the very same spot the murder took place. People were outraged at the idea of such obvious callous disrespect in throwing a party where someone had so […]

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The Un-Reactive Mind

Scientology teaches that there are two parts to the mind. “L. Ron Hubbard discovered that the mind has two very distinct parts. One of these—the part that you consciously use and are aware of—is called the analytical mind. This is the portion of the mind which thinks, observes data, remembers it and resolves problems. It […]

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Karin Pouw Strikes Again

Today’s Foot Bullet-in is brought to you courtesy of Karin Pouw. In a move today many of us have been waiting for, Scientology’s Ms Pouw opened her mouth and inserted her foot, ankle and part of her leg. Using her OT Powers, (or perhaps she was “encouraged” to go external by receiving a post card […]

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Dear SeaOrg Member

“WHAT DOES ‘CLEAR THE PLANET’ MEAN? It means that Scientologists want to rid the planet of insanity, war and crime, and in its place create a civilization in which sanity and peace exist. In order to do this, they must help individuals become free of their own individual aberrations and insanities and, hence, regain their […]

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The Butterfly Pin

Today I thought I might take a break from all things Scientology and Taryn Teutsch and just do something light. I hope you enjoy it. The accused stood motionless, nothing on his face betrayed any emotion. It was this same lack of expression that had worried the attorney assigned to represent the man throughout the […]

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