Vetted “Facts” Fails Again

Scientology wouldn’t know “facts” if they were handed to them by ET himself etched in stone. Leah Remini was NOT a character witness for a convicted rapist. Paul Haggis has NOT been criminally convicted of rape. He was found liable for damages in a civil trial. Something he is still fighting. At the time Remini […]

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Paul Haggis-Some Thoughts

I do not know Mr. Haggis. I’ve never met him or spoken to him. Frankly, before Scientology and the Aftermath I’d never even heard of him before. I’m not a big movie watcher. I prefer a cuddly blanket, a good book (preferably about magic and dragons) and a cup of tea. More importantly, one does […]

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Leah Was Right All Along

“Without any Scientology organization things are not gonna change on this planet. We are the most ethical group you are ever gonna find.” —Leah Remini @ExposeNetwork loves reaching into the past and dredging up tired, old stuff. Posting quotes and accusations out of context, he tries to make yesterday’s news relevant to today. In this […]

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Little Voices in the Dark

It is dark. The air is fetid with the smells of decaying seaweed, rusty salt water, mud and urine. There is very little room in this hot, malodorous metal box and unbeknownst to its tiny, lone occupant, one small slip up could very well mean death. A chain locker contains the coiled anchor chain when […]

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A Blind and Aimless Fury*

As the Fair Game campaign against Mike Rinder begins to fade, Bitter Bernadini has upped the ante in her bid for revenge. The Taryn Teutsch Twitter account had become stagnant with Taryn simply and tiredly reposting the same videos and photos over and over. The few comments made were derisive and frustrated. Then Scientology decided […]

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