Corporate Scientology and Hate

There is a global conglomerate with policies so horrible it refuses to admit them publicly. Policies so anti-social, so abusive, so malicious that the organization actually has additional policies on how to hide them. Like any giant, cutthroat corporate enterprise this group has two faces; one public, one private. But no matter how hard it […]

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Television Host Brad Pomerance “Not Willing To Go There”

Karen Bass and Rick Caruso’s contentious Los Angeles mayoral campaign recently made headlines when Caruso’s camp released an ad featuring Bass’ support of Scientology. In the subsequent debate that followed, both candidates appeared to compete to see who could distance themselves furthest from the controversial cult. Bass’ original speech can be seen here at the […]

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Scientologists: People of Goodwill

Clearwater, Florida may have dodged Hurricane Ian, but it did have its own angry windbag to deal with. As reported by Vice News here and here, Scientologist and CEO of PostcardMania Joy Gendusa created a flap resulting in unwanted PR for both her company and her so-called “church”. As Florida braced for Ian, which had […]

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Fair Game: A Disgusting New Low

Scientology teaches that the spirit (Thetan) and the body are two separate entities. In fact Hubbard’s followers refer to the body simply as the Thetan’s vehicle, a “meat body” that is animated only so long as the Thetan is using it. Thetan, on the other hand, is “immortal” and spends eternity dropping one meat body […]

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