Taryn’s Newest Tactic

…didn’t last one whole article… Taryn Teutsch has apparently spent the past decade desperate for something to do. Despite not having any real followers or supporters, she’s so deeply lost in her fantasy that she just can’t let it go. To that end she has evidently spent some of her empty, available time in logging […]

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Lying To Stir Up Anger

There is currently an insidious, destructive propensity for some people to rewrite facts, artistically edit truth and erase uncomfortable realities in order to further agendas of hate and misinformation. This trend is found in circumstances both large and small but no matter where it is applied the result is negativity and anger. One such situation […]

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Elisabeth Moss Keeps the Media Firmly Away From Her Beliefs

There is an interesting article on Yahoo Entertainment this morning entitled Elisabeth Moss Gives a Rare Interview about Scientology: It’s a Complicated Thing. —https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/elisabeth-moss-scientology-interview-170819462.html Taryn Ryder, the writer of the article opens with the hook; “Elisabeth Moss is giving a rare glimpse into her beliefs as a Scientologist.” A better lede would have been “Elisabeth […]

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Consider The Source…

Recently one of Scientology’s more outspoken flapping JAWs wrote a blog piece calling out a woman who dared to question him on Twitter. Taking LRH’s exhortation to attack any critic to heart, he gleefully accused her of being a liar then proceeded to post her personally identifiable information for anyone to see. The ensuing fray […]

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