Why We Should Speak Up

Scientologist Deanne Macdonald completed the Super Power Rundown on May 1, 2017. This spectacular and expensive achievement allegedly means she has paid for “a super fantastic, but confidential series of rundowns that can be done on anybody whether Dianetics Clear or not that puts the person into fantastic shape unleashing Super Power of a thetan. […]

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Scientology Cruise Ship Claim

On June 24, 2019 Scientology announced it’s 31st annual Maiden Voyage celebration aboard their cruise ship Freewinds. In the article describing both the ship and the event, they make the claim; “Such is her reputation, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) appointed the Freewinds as a training platform to train crew members Caribbean-wide on maritime standards—a […]

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Scientia Potentia Est

Knowledge is Power The best defense against Scientology’s manipulation is knowledge. In their never ending quest for relevance and good PR Stand League spends a lot of time promoting itself as an all inclusive champion of religious rights. Notwithstanding the fact that Scientology has a solid relationship with one of the most intolerant, divisive, bigoted […]

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The Business of Scientology

Scientologist and musician Wil Seabrook recently traded in his guitar for a keyboard to ask; Is Scientology an Investment? Across Scientology’s Stand League website one finds articles that describe how non-Scientologists are regularly confronted with innocent, wide eyed interest about COS. One is left wondering why, when these questions are asked of Scientologists on social […]

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Scientology- Pure as the Driven Snow

Scientologist Jim Meskimen, son of Happy Days star Marion Ross has decided to ring in the New Year in traditional Scientology style. Meskimen’s first contribution of 2021 to Stand League opens with a statement both ironic and hypocritical. “Nothing sticks out more distinctly during tough times than kindness.” Sadly his lede quickly becomes irrelevant to […]

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