COS- Be Careful What You Wish For

Scientology’s Hate Monitor has published an astonishing attack piece against 12 News, Phoenix’s coverage of convicted murder Kenneth Thompson’s death. Stand League’s “author” iteration number 27 opens with “In a feat of journalistic sleight of hand, NBC 12 News in Phoenix, Arizona managed to turn a page 3 story about criminal-on-criminal crime in a correctional […]

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Taryn Takes a Pot Shot at Leah Remini

Taryn Teutsch and Scientology’s OSA are still at it, releasing yet another video in her series “exposing” Mike Rinder’s alleged Stepford Minions. No Fair Game attack is complete until Leah Remini is brought into the mix, though beyond some name calling it is rather anticlimactic given what is usually on offer. Teutsch claims Remini “victim […]

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Malicious Christmas

For Christians the Solemnity of Christ’s birth heralds the coming of the long awaited Savior. Born in humble poverty, Jesus would go on to spend his life in compassionate, loving service to others until He made the ultimate sacrifice; giving His life for Mankind. Scientology, a baseless pseudoscience created by a delusional science fiction writer, […]

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Diversity Training Course has Foundation in Scientology Ideology

There is a controversial practice called the “Privilege Walk” being utilized by businesses, corporations, non profit groups and more for diversity training that claims to help “…your team members become aware of the various privileges they might possess…”. Participants begin together in a line, then in response to various questions, are asked to step forward […]

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Taryn’s Newest Tactic

…didn’t last one whole article… Taryn Teutsch has apparently spent the past decade desperate for something to do. Despite not having any real followers or supporters, she’s so deeply lost in her fantasy that she just can’t let it go. To that end she has evidently spent some of her empty, available time in logging […]

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