Stand League- Platform for Hate

Hypocrisy never ends as Scientology’s Stand League posts yet another duplicitous article calling out “hate speech, outright lies and discriminatory content by American Media Inc. (AMI), owner of such tabloids as the National Enquirer, In Touch, Us Weekly and OK!” Edward Parkin and his sidekick Bari Berger’s enormous brass balls surely must make sitting difficult […]

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Open Letter to Twitter and Facebook

For the past several years many Never Ins have dedicatedly fought to have Scientology’s abusive Twitter accounts removed. Whether purposefully or accidentally several accounts were recently subjected to a 12 hour ban which raised hopes that perhaps the Twitter Powers-That-Be might finally be taking a stand against targeted harassment. Among the accounts who found themselves […]

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An Open Letter to Never Ins

To all the concerned, outraged people who ask what they can do to help in the fight to expose Scientology: For years Scientology has gleefully embraced social media as a tool for massive public Fair Game attacks against former members who have spoken out against them. Right now there are numerous malicious websites created, supported […]

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Is Scientology Breaking Yet Another Law?

In order to protect vulnerable patients seeking help for substance abuse a federal law was enacted in 2018 to stop kickbacks for treatment center referrals. EKRA, the Eliminating Kickbacks in Recovery Act of 2018, prohibits the accepting or paying in cash or any other remuneration for referrals to recovery homes, clinical treatment facilities, or laboratories. EKRA […]

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Out of the Mouths of Abusers

Scientology musician and apologist Wil Seabrook would do better sticking to writing lyrics. Seabrook’s current offering on Stand League is so filled with hypocrisy one risks whiplash reading it. Be warned. “Punishing people for what they believe, especially when it relates to the afterlife, is a really strange thing to do when you think about […]

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Club COS

In 2016, a year after Going Clear debuted, Scientology Spokesman Mike Ferriss participated in an interview with New Zealand’s RNZ. Journalist Mava Moayyed, like most Never Ins, had no idea she was being used to allow COS a platform to spin their benign “we’re just like everyone else” façade. Overall this article is typical Scientology […]

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Scientology’s Suspect Surge

Scientology’s insecurities are showing. Apropos of absolutely nothing, the “world’s fastest growing religion” has found it necessary to issue a press release from the center of the ghost town they’ve created announcing a recent “surge of visitors”. Downtown Clearwater, Florida has, thanks to the creeping spread of David Miscavige’s narcissistic avarice, become an empty shell […]

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