A Short Word…

According to the old adage; a picture is worth a thousand words. With this in mind we proffer a few pictures for our readers’ consideration. What Scientology says: What Scientology does: Scientology LIES. Another aphorism says; by their actions you will know them. Never believe what Scientology posts on social media. Never believe their claims […]

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Miscavige’s “Fresh Start”: Not New, Not True

In October of 2019 TB Times journalist Tracey McManus wrote an incredible article detailing Scientology’s sweeping land grab in the City of Clearwater. Using shell corporations and subterfuge Scientology connected entities now own almost 200 properties. One statement in particular stands out in this description of the creeping invasion of Scientology tendrils that now embrace […]

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COS- Deliberately Antagonistic

If former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick suddenly spoke out against pedophile priests it would not achieve the level of duplicity Scientology has raised to an art form. This tweet is so loaded with deception one struggles to find a place to start. Does one begin with the intentional fair game lies being constantly spread across social […]

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Scientology’s Latest Safepoints

Considering that Scientology has no spirituality and isn’t a religion it naturally follows that they have no holy days of their own. Filling this gap, the cult known for Fair Game and Disconnection, not to mention their blasphemous accusation that Jesus was a “lover of boys”, hijacks Christmas. Each year Scientology issues press releases extolling […]

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Scientology’s Values

…Are desperately lacking. The facts surrounding the fatal stabbing at COS’ AOSH in Australia have finally been made public, proving once and for all that Scientology purposefully lied about Leah Remini and Mike Rinder. Undaunted and brazenly unashamed at being caught out, on the same day they got snagged (again) Stand League took to Twitter […]

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Not that we needed it. Across social media and Stand League blogs this denunciation has been repeated ad nauseum by an organization who calls itself a religion, considers itself superior and the most ethical. Since January 4th, 2019 Scientology has accused Mike Rinder and Leah Remini of complicity to murder. From its lofty perch above […]

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5 Things to Know About Mike Rinder

Scientology’s Hate Monitor Monger branch of Stand League, in the interests of equal opportunity abuse, brings its readers their latest attack piece. Sister editorial to their recent Leah Remini assault, COS once again reaches into the past to revisit the many lies they’ve spread about Mike Rinder. As the adage goes, “The definition of insanity […]

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Leigh Dundas Strikes Again

In June of 2020 Scientologist and self described “human rights attorney” Leigh Dundas publicly attacked the Supervisors of Orange County, CA over the issue of masking. Taking a page from Scientology’s handbook, Dundas founded her rant on false, misleading and fictional sources. Ultimately this Officer of the Court turned her spleen on Orange County Chief […]

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