An Open Letter to Mahomed Akbar Khan

Mahomed Akbar Khan in regards to your letter of support for Scientology

“I would like to bring your attention to a program being aired on A&E Networks, a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, which seems very hateful, discriminatory, and stereotypes several religions—Leah Remini’s Aftermath reality series. This is apparently the third season. The program has a dangerous impact on several religions and their adherents in our society. It’s content has incited hate that led to violence and murder.

1. Sir, you say “which seems” and “this is apparently”, these statements indicate that you are not familiar with The Aftermath. If you were familiar with The Aftermath, you would see that it is neither hateful nor discriminatory. The Aftermath is a platform for those who have suffered abuses at the hands of Scientology to speak about their experiences. Would it be hate or discrimination for a person who had been molested by a Catholic Priest to speak about their pain? Of course not. So too is it the right for anyone living with the pain, shame and emotional damage heaped upon them by the abuse, lies, Disconnection and Fair Game of Scientology to speak.

2. There simply is no stereotyping of any religion on The Aftermath. I, and many others who have read your letter of support for this cult, would be interested in seeing your examples of any stereotyping.

3. As of this date, February 28th, 2019 the only shows that have been aired are those concerning Scientology and one show concerning the Jehovah’s Witnesses. You say The Aftermath is hateful and detrimental to “Scientology, Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and other Christian denominations.” There have been no shows on any other religions so this is a false statement. In fact, in one show Leah and Mike very respectfully and reverently walk into a Cathedral, light a candle and spend a moment in prayer.

The only reason there was a show done on the Jehovah’s Witnesses is because a huge number of people wrote to Leah Remini and literally begged her to do one. Therefore one might consider whether to condemn those people who contacted Leah as being “hateful” rather than heaping all the blame upon her shoulders.

4.“It’s content has incited hate that has led to violence and murder”. I defy you to provide one, single shred of credible evidence or proof of any link to Leah Remini, Mike Rinder or The Aftermath. People are responsible for their own actions. Neither Disney nor anyone who contributes to The Aftermath is culpable for the actions of others. There are millions of people who watch The Aftermath and many other television shows who do not act in a criminal way.

Further, the few actual examples of hate crimes given by Scientology that are not vague and nebulous, can be easily proven NOT to have been incited by The Aftermath. All it takes is a few moments of online research.

“I am sure you and the vision of Disney are above this. But sir, the Church of Scientology has had hundreds of threats of death, violence and vandalism because of the show, such as a church in Twin Cities being set on fire, another church having a car driven purposefully through their front window, etc. Since the Jehovah’s Witnesses episode was announced, there have been five Kingdom Halls set on fire.”

1. The fact is, Mahomed Khan, Scientology has had numerous instances of hate and anger directed towards it that began long before The Aftermath was produced. Saying that all of the acts directed against it are “because of the show” is disingenuous at best. The man who set the fire in the library of a Scientology building has absolutely no known connection whatsoever to Leah Remini. In point of fact, Anthony O’Dell Johnson was known to have had prior incidents with this same Scientology location prior to this incident.

Erin McMurtry drove her car through the front of the Scientology building in Austin, TX. As to her motivation, unless Scientology has the ability to read McMurtry’s mind and divine her motivation, there is no proof at all that Leah Remini was the cause of her decision. According to the police report; “McMurtry tried to justify her religious fender bender by claiming Scientology was evil because its members blackmail people, cops said.

‘I lost it. They’re a terrible organization disguised as a church,’ she told police. ‘I wouldn’t walk into that church, I would drive into it.’

She later told cops that her hit-and-run was not the best way to spread her anti-Scientology message. Before crashing through the church, she was looking for a rock to hurl through the window first, police said.”

Note in the article she says “HER anti-Scientology message”.

2. Likewise, there is no credible proof of Remini or The Aftermath being responsible for any attacks against Jehovah’s Witnesses’ Kingdom Halls. Perhaps Sir, you might ask why there is so much anger directed at these organizations resulting in such drastic measures by so many people instead of cavalierly blaming Leah Remini. Interesting to note that the Jehovah’s Witnesses Aftermath show aired November 13th, 2018. The arsons being blamed on Leah began in March of 2018, 8 months before the show aired.

“As community partners, many of our discussions and action items revolved around preventing violent extremism. In most cases, if not all, media played a big role in dehumanizing the other. Sadly, active shooter training by law enforcement is normal for institutions today.

The great legacy of Disney should not be a part of the research models of what leads to hate, violence and murder.”

1. Since there is no violent extremism taking place on The Aftermath, (again, providing proof of your allegations would be much appreciated.) it would be fairer to say that in this instance Media is playing a big role in exposing dark and dangerous abuses and allowing those harmed a voice so that they can begin taking back their lives and healing. “Sadly, active shooter training by law enforcement is normal for many institutions today.” We are living in angry, dangerous times. Should the school shootings and vicious acts of the fanatic or mentally ill also be placed at Leah Remini’s feet?

Scientology actively enforces it’s policy of Disconnection, in spite of what they may say. On their own website they use the word “Prohibition” in reference to Disconnection. Prohibition is not indicative of choice but rather an enforced rule or law. Further in Ref: HCO PL 23 Dec. 65RA, SUPPRESSIVE ACTS, SUPPRESSION OF SCIENTOLOGY AND SCIENTOLOGISTS it states:

“To fail or refuse to disconnect from a suppressive person not only denies the PTS case gain, it is also supportive of the suppressive— in itself a Suppressive Act. And it must be so labeled.”

Scientology has a long history of broken, destroyed families and lives. Leah Remini is doing everything she can to help heal and bring these families back together. In fact there are several shows where we see exactly that happen when mothers who were disconnected from their daughters came back together in love and tears. Healing is not hate, Mahomed Khan.

2. Finally, it is completely unethical for someone to accuse another of being involved in murder. The 16 year old boy in Australia who stabbed the Scientologists in January was involved in a desperate attempt not to lose his mother to Scientology. They had argued the night before and he was attempting to see her once again to stop her from doing their false Purification Rundown. His own mother rejected him and the two Scientologists he attacked were in process of escorting him off the premises. Where was this boy to go at that point? His mother was within the grounds he was being removed from. What was a 16 year old boy supposed to do? What he did was horrible, wrong and a terrible tragedy, however there is absolutely nothing to link what he chose to do under such stress and duress with Leah Remini. Furthermore, the Journalist who broke the story contacted his sources investigating the murder and he publicly announced on Twitter that there was nothing at all linking Leah Remini, Mike Rinder or The Aftermath with this young man’s actions. Investigators are satisfied with that.

Is it moral, ethical, just or fair to spread false witness about innocent people who are dedicated to helping those who have been hurt?

While you are calling those at the Disney Company to task for your one sided, uninformed and biased ideas against Leah Remini and The Aftermath, I would ask if you have taken the time to show any fairness or God’s mercy by speaking to any of those who have been members and have escaped from Scientology? Have you heard them? Have you seen their tears?

Have you seen the pain in the eyes of those who were molested as children and then punished for it? Do they not have the right to a voice?

I respectfully request that you look into the realities of Scientology and the darkness of it’s teachings. We are living in a time of great change and where more and more people are being drawn away from God and His light.

Scientology is not a church. It is not a religion. It is a false prophet. It is a tax free conglomerate hiding behind the shield of religion while leading it’s members away from God into the belief that they can become Infinite and god like all on their own.

It is my sincere and firm belief that you are being used, Sir, to lend credibility, respectability and legitimacy to the cult of Scientology and what they teach and represent at detriment to your own reputation.

Stefani Hutchison

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