In Which Ryan Prescott Attacks The Governor of California

No really.


Did you know…

When my parents operated drug rehabilitation centers in San Francisco, the previous Governor of California supported it and it’s outreach into the SF prison and the jails?

Then, Gavin Newsom became Governor and found out that my parents were of another religious belief. He must’ve thought all of these things about our religion.

Hence, this is one of the reasons why I’m putting the truth out there so nobody has to experience this EVER AGAIN.

He made it his mission to have some of his officials investigate (secretly) through the centers to see what was happening.

The investigator for Newsom found that the centers were not prescribing psychiatric medication while getting them off drugs…What in the world!?

After the ‘tour’ Newsom cut half of the federal funded beds to all 10 rehabilitation centers my parents operated.

His officials found that this wasn’t stopping the amounts being helped by the centers, he ordered Judges all around California to DENY all requests to transfer inmates to their centers.

Inmates would write into their centers requesting information to find out if there were beds available so they could be transferred to get off of drugs. My parents found out the truth from that point forward.

He kept enforcing strange rules against their rehab due to the positive effects it was creating.

Newsom had some other plans for California and those who wanted off of drugs.

My parents didn’t have millions of dollars to fight and there wasn’t much backup, the only option, sadly, was to close that chapter.

The suppression was HEAVY and my parents still continued despite this for YEARS.

That is one of the reasons why I look up to my parents and never trust a word out of anyone’s mouth that states otherwise.

I’m only doing what I know is right and that’s TRULY helping people.”

—Ryan Prescott, Facebook Post, Thursday December 12th, 2019

According to the California Secretary of State website Richard Prescott’s company, the Social Betterment Development Company was incorporated on December 18th, 2003.

Prescott Senior operated several alleged drug rehabilitation centers under that business entity with names such as San Francisco New Life Center, SBDC New Life, Clear Mind Services, SOMA New Life and New Life Center of San Francisco.

A 2006 article appearing on the website of ABLE International states “The center has also been granted their license as a drug and alcohol recovery center by the California State Department of Drug and Alcohol. It now operates at an average of 50 students on the program at a time, and the center is still expanding — now having control of over 200 beds throughout 4 hotels in the area.”

At the time this article on the ABLE site was written, Prescott’s facilities were not in fact licensed through the California Alcohol and Drug Program.

In 2007 Carrlyn Clay, who’s drug addicted son, Cody Bates, was in desperate need of help began searching for a facility. She found herself on the phone with the self styled “Intervention Angel”, Scientology Field Staff Member and unbeknownst to Ms Clay, convicted felon Holly Conklin who referred her to Richard Prescott’s unlicensed, hotel room detox center. Conklin firmly assured Clay that her son would be medically supervised by a physician while he went through his medical detox. That he would be supervised and safe in their care.

This would turn out to be a tragic and deadly lie.

Cody arrived on August 24th, 2007.

On August 27th, 2007 he hung himself.

Carrlyn Clay, grieving and lost filed suit against Richard Prescott and his New Life Betterment Company with an out of court settlement being reached in 2009.

This was only one of many suits brought against Prescott Senior. He also faced a suit by the State Department for violations of labor laws over the way he treated his staff.

Faced with multiple lawsuits beyond the large settlement already owed to Carrlyn Clay, Richard Prescott shut down his business and moved his family to Oregon. In this way, he was able to dodge responsibility for any future suits.

From all indicators, Prescott was no longer operating his detoxification centers from 2009 on.

Gavin Newsom was 42nd mayor of San Francisco, serving from 2004 until 2011. As mayor his powers certainly did not include the ability to order Judges all over California to deny inmate requests to be allowed to detox at the New Life Center.

“Inmates would write into their centers requesting information to find out if there were beds available so they could be transferred to get off of drugs.” It seems highly unlikely convicted prison inmates are permitted to just leave the correctional institute where they are serving time for their crimes to go attend any drug rehab facility filled with non prisoners. Most prisons have their rehab programs right on prison grounds. Given that prisoners are incarcerated for crimes, it is ludicrous to believe that all one need do is write to a judge and request transfer to an unsecured rehab center.

While being court ordered to attend rehab is absolutely something that is done one cannot be made to believe that those sentenced and already incarcerated are somehow granted leave to attend any program separate from the prison.

Further Mayor Newsom would not have had the power, backing of law or even support for the creation and enforcement of “strange rules” against any treatment facility. A Mayor cannot simply make up rules to suit his own agenda. He certainly cannot craft any enforceable laws on his own. It would not have taken millions of dollars to bring Newsom before a judge for such outrageous behavior.

Finally, why would the subject of Prescott’s “beliefs” have even come up for Mayor Newsom? Why would that have been the topic of conversation at all? Especially since Prescott Senior, like all Narconon facilities today, worked extremely hard to not reveal the Scientology connection between himself and his program. Just something to think about.

As far as Ryan’s allegation that Newsom had plans for California, this at least is true. His plans were to run for Governor and he did.

If Richard Prescott was receiving federal funding for his non licensed hotel facilities there was something seriously wrong. According to IRS Form 990 Prescott’s revenue amount for the tax period 2006 is shown as $676,342.00. Not bad for a non profit organization.

Gavin Newsom did not become Governor of California until this year, 2019. Arnold Schwarzenegger was Governor from 2003 until 2011, followed by Jerry Brown from 2011-2019.

That Governor Schwarzenegger was concerned one way or the other about one detox facility in San Francisco is unlikely. As for his successors, neither of them were in office during the time Ryan’s father was operating his shady businesses.

Between Ryan Prescott’s nasty, hate filled rambling fiction, the made up stories of him bringing people to the light with a single conversation, his fixed and determined claims that OTIII and Fair Game do not exist and now this bizarre fantastic attack on the Governor of California one seriously wonders about this young man’s mental health.

However the truth must be told “Hence, this is one of the reasons why I’m putting the truth out there so nobody has to experience this EVER AGAIN.”

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