Taryn Teutsch- A Challenge

“So it was a hot summer day, we were down in Florida—we, being my mom and my uncle (Mike’s brother) who flew in from Australia. And we were there, and we were hopeful for reconciling with Mike Rinder and coming to an end of his attacks on our family.”

Today we have another story from the Taryn Teutsch blog Justice4Mom.

Teutsch may as well have begun with “It was a dark and stormy night…”

It was not a hot summer day. It was April 23, 2010, a warm Spring day in the lower 80’s.

“…we, being my mom and my uncle (Mike’s brother) who flew in from Australia. And we were there, and we were hopeful for reconciling with Mike Rinder…”

Taryn employs the usual disingenuous artistic license with her story telling.

Soon after Mike Rinder left Scientology in 2007, he tried to communicate with Cathy Rinder, his wife at the time. Her immediate response was to say “fuck you I want a divorce”.

Nine days prior to the 2010 event Mike Rinder had attempted to see his son, Benjamin after discovering he’d been dealing with a cancer diagnosis. By Cathy Rinder Bernardini’s own account she had kept Benjamin’s condition from his father. Mike only found out about such a serious issue through the St. Petersburg Times.

Once he was aware of his son’s illness Mike Rinder, along with his friend Marty Rathbun, went to see Benjamin. Rinder was not only refused but the police were called and he was issued a trespassing order.

Now one is expected to believe that Cathy, Taryn and Mike’s brother Andrew just wanted to reach out in love seeking a reconciliation.

This was not in fact a family attempt at healing. What Taryn conveniently leaves out of this account is that private investigators had been hired by Scientology to track Mike Rinder down. These hired investigators, along with several other Scientologists, making a group of 8 people descended upon the blindsided Rinder as he sat in his car in the parking lot of a doctor’s office talking on the phone.

Luckily for all, the entire confrontation that ensued was recorded by BBC journalist John Sweeney and can be heard here.

As Rinder speaks to Sweeney, Jenny Linson Devocht can suddenly be heard addressing Mike with the loving appellation “Fucker!”

Teutsch’s next comment is so thoroughly refuted by the recording that we defy anyone to defend her.

“It was faster than I could have imagined—upon approaching Mike Rinder—next thing you know, my mom’s being abused by him and being attacked by him. And his arms are on her and he’s screaming in rage—and, I mean, profanities you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy.”

What actually took place, and is backed up not only by the recording but also the police report, is that Andrew struggled with his brother, trying to steal Mike’s keys. Mike never once raised his voice, even during this altercation.

At only one point during this incident did Mike swear. After enduring Jenny Linson Devocht’s abuse far longer than this Irish blooded writer ever would, Rinder finally told her “fuck you”. He didn’t yell or scream it.

There is no place during the entire recording that Mike Rinder can be heard raising his voice or swearing at either Cathy or Taryn.

Further, Bitter Bernardini herself admitted to the investigating officer that she had attempted to force Mike to remain in his vehicle. As the officer noted in his final report, this was when she hurt herself.

Anyone who may find themselves being drawn into her story needs to consider the seriousness of her next statement in light of both the police report and the paramedic’s report.

“This rage that he was in—and rage makes a man very dangerous—this rage that he was in, in this domestic violence attack, resulted in her having a broken shoulder, gouged flesh, blood everywhere on the scene when it was happening. And all sorts of other medical ramifications as a result of the flesh wound and infection and, you know, all sorts of things. That all resulted from that rage. And he, Mike Rinder, wouldn’t let go. And my mom’s yelling, ‘Let go, let go.’’ And she will tell you, she heard her bones cracking. She heard it happening. And yes, he broke her shoulder that day in that rage.

I publicly issue this challenge to Scientology, OSA, Taryn Teutsch and Cathy Bernardini;

If you can provide me with any single piece of hard evidence proving this version of what happened on April 23, 2010 I will not only post it in it’s entirety but I will also issue a public apology.

I can be reached at azhlynne@yahoo.com.

In the meantime, Taryn, call your father. You need him.

4 thoughts on “Taryn Teutsch- A Challenge

  1. Well done Stefani! Taryn, I urge you to reconsider the path you are on. It is not good for your spirit to be propagating false stories. Aren’t you tired of this? I hope you can reconcile with your Dad. You only have one.


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