Stand League- Platform for Hate

Hypocrisy never ends as Scientology’s Stand League posts yet another duplicitous article calling out “hate speech, outright lies and discriminatory content by American Media Inc. (AMI), owner of such tabloids as the National Enquirer, In Touch, Us Weekly and OK!”

Edward Parkin and his sidekick Bari Berger’s enormous brass balls surely must make sitting difficult and walking a noisy exercise.

Stand League, Scientology’s front group created solely to enforce the policies of revenge and hate known as Fair Game dares to scornfully attack the tabloids “for its fabricated and divisive material and for furnishing a platform for hate speech”.

Ironically Stand League shares so many similarities with the National Enquirer et al that one wonders if the real issue here is Scientology attempting to destroy its competition.

Twitter Verified Minister Edward Parkin is the source of numerous false stories created for the scandal and shock value. “Blood on their hands” screams through social media and Stand League’s blog, every bit as stupid as the Enquirer announcing Connor Cruise is leaving his cult and his dad behind.

Disturbing, violent photographs of bloody injuries are splashed across the Taryn Teutsch blog, Twitter and Facebook accounts accompanying fake claims of domestic violence perpetrated by Mike Rinder.

Freedom Media and Ethics churns out shocking photographs of innocent people side by side with members of the Nazi regime.

Stand League/Scientology uses exactly the same tricks of the trade as any tabloid to gain attention, sensation and to lure their gullible members.

Rags like National Enquirer, OK and others are at least honest about their identity. They churn out preposterous, libelous bullshit without pretense, issuing retractions when forced, moving on to the next fictional sensation without looking back. These tabloids are crap and they know it. They embrace it and gleefully push the envelope of ethics; often absurd, sometimes cruel or crude, always ridiculous.

The fabricated histrionics published by Scientology are done so under the pretense of “fighting discrimination” and “defending against hate”. Parkin, Berger and Miscavige want people to believe that they are champions of truth, justice and the American way all while subjecting their targets to deplorable emotional abuse.

Bottom line however is that the majority of Stand League’s articles are as fake as those found within the pages of any tabloid. Contributing authors to Scientology’s Fair Game front group are absolutely no different than any tabloid “journalist”.

In an earlier pot shot at the Enquirer, Stand League writer Leland Thoburn sanctimoniously wrote, “…for decades the Enquirer has been parked to the side of mainstream culture, like some Faustian Don Quixote, jousting impotently at its own imaginary windmills. Now its time has come. Circulation has plummeted, revenues are down, employees are being laid off…”

Thoburn could just as easily be writing about Scientology.

Stand League’s current smug, superior crack at A360 Media is equally duplicitous, “Long notorious for its fabricated and divisive material and for furnishing a platform for hate speech, AMI, now A360 Media, has been forced to issue retractions listing a full paragraph of lies it published, followed by ‘none of these statements were true.'”

Forced or not, at least they admitted to the lies unlike Scientology who vehemently denies they’ve ever done anything wrong in their entire history of existence.

Stand League Director Bari Berger says, “‘Now is the time to unite rather than divide,’ said National STAND Director Bari Berger. ‘We do not believe any group or individual should be unfairly targeted with lies and hate…'”

Seriously Bari?

Snug in her self imposed blindness, Berger goes on to announce, “It’s time for the lies and the hate to stop…”

The article then incredibly reads, “STAND is calling for any individual or group who has been marginalized or victimized by A360 Media (AMI) to report details to”

We ask that Never Ins who are outraged by the malicious victimization inflicted by Scientology upon former members use the above email address to lodge complaints against Stand League.

Flood their inbox with uncomfortable truths about their toxic psychological abuse and cyber bullying.

Ask the questions they work so hard to avoid. Confront and shatter the idea that accusing innocent people of crimes is ethical or religious.

Be civil, do not threaten or name call, but reach out and inundate Stand League with reality.

Be heard, Never Ins. Be the voice Scientology doesn’t want to hear.

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