They Just Can’t Let It Go

They Just Can’t Let It Go One would naturally assume that an epically thriving, monumentally expanding “religion” would be so busy there’d be no time for rehashing embarrassingly disproven old stories. The vicious Fair Game attack begun in April of 2010 when Mike Rinder’s bitter ex-wife, Cathy Bernadini, gathered a posse of private investigators and […]

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Cathy Bernardini- A Harridan Scorned

In his Inferno Dante describes 9 levels in Hell of punishment based upon the sins one committed during one’s lifetime. The 9th is called Treachery and it is separated into four levels of torment with Judas Iscariot condemned to the deepest, most horrible section. Either Alighieri forgot a level or it was too terrifying even […]

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Running Blindly into the Darkness

In my short, curt discussion with Reverend L’Heureux earlier he admitted that he did not know very much about Scientology. All he was concerned with was its “Religious Liberty”. Further, he dismissed those of us who are fighting against this cult and trying to bring healing and justice to the victims of its teachings and […]

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An Open Letter to Vijaya Gadde ESQ

It is a constant source of bemusement and frustration to me that Twitter steadfastly refuses to address the malicious Fair Game attacks by Scientology. Given that Jack Dorsey apparently has some sort of relationship with the cult I don’t know why I am surprised by the lack of interest twitter support shows. I decided to […]

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Creepy Eddie’s Desperation

As usual, instead of addressing any of the actual issues raised by The Aftermath, Scientology’s pie hole, Edward Parkin, chooses the easiest path for him and resorts to lies and name calling. On the day after the most recent show, Creepy Eddie pulls out all the stops, gets as creative as his small, Reactive Mind […]

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OT Power- Super Vision

Lying is a difficult business. It’s often said that if one is going to lie, then one needs to be very good at it. Just when it seemed that the @TarynTeutsch Twitter account had been relegated to tired retweetings of already disproven malicious fiction, Team Bitter Bernardini returns. This writer made a promise that any […]

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