In Which I continue to Pick Apart a Fictional Narrative

Part 4 in what is becoming a series.

For anyone not already familiar with this Fair Game attack please see here, here, here and most importantly here.

Taryn Teutsch brings us another offering in her ongoing Fair Game video series. This time she doubles down on the illusion that she has numerous supporters who both encourage her in her efforts to frame an innocent man and who are invested in her malicious campaign.

Taryn begins by describing how she has gone back over her accounts over the past year, at the 0:50 mark she says; “And when I did this I really could see the amount of comments and encouragement and support that I have.”

She continues with; “…and then if you step back and look, like I just did, not just at 2021, but actually since my campaign started…there are a lot of people that are supporting me, a lot of good comments…”

Anyone can check out Teutsch’s social media accounts and judge for themselves whether this claim of amazing support is true.

Next she begins answering questions her “fans” supposedly asked.

3:38- “I get that question a lot. Um, I think that the main reason is that by the time I had the courage, um, to stand up and speak out publicly about it the statute of limitations was already passed.”

“But the bottom line is my mom had just been domestically abused. I had seen her bleeding and in severe pain with a cracked shoulder and damaged nerves.”

Given the seriousness of the injuries claimed by Bitter Bernardini and her daughter, Rinder would probably have been charged with felony domestic abuse. Felony assault in the State of Florida normally has a three year window.

What happens to Taryn’s statements when held against the Law?

Florida State law 741.29:

(1) Any law enforcement officer who investigates an alleged incident of domestic violence shall assist the victim to obtain medical treatment if such is required as a result of the alleged incident to which the officer responds. Any law enforcement officer who investigates an alleged incident of domestic violence shall advise the victim of such violence that there is a domestic violence center from which the victim may receive services. The law enforcement officer shall give the victim immediate notice of the legal rights and remedies available on a standard form developed and distributed by the department.

(2) When a law enforcement officer investigates an allegation that an incident of domestic violence has occurred, the officer shall handle the incident pursuant to the arrest policy provided in s. 901.15(7), and as developed in accordance with subsections (3), (4), and (5). Whether or not an arrest is made, the officer shall make a written police report that is complete and clearly indicates the alleged offense was an incident of domestic violence. Such report shall be given to the officer’s supervisor and filed with the law enforcement agency in a manner that will permit data on domestic violence cases to be compiled. Such report must include:
(a)A description of physical injuries observed, if any.
(b) If a law enforcement officer decides not to make an arrest or decides to arrest two or more parties, the officer shall include in the report the grounds for not arresting anyone or for arresting two or more parties.
(c)A statement which indicates that a copy of the legal rights and remedies notice was given to the victim.

At no point during the investigation by Pinellas County Sheriffs did they advise Cathy Rinder Bernardini as a victim of domestic violence. There is no indication in the investigative report that Bernardini was directed to any domestic violence services nor was she given the information sheet If You Are The Victim of Domestic Violence as required.

Note that the law is clear; whether or not an immediate arrest is made, “…the officer shall make a written police report that is complete and clearly indicates the alleged offense was an incident of domestic violence.”

Instead, the investigating officer closed the case finding Mike not guilty of any crime.

Case solved: non criminal

Additionally the law states that officers must describe the injuries which they did as can be seen in the image above.

“An abrasion on her arm”.

Not multiple abrasions, not both arms. Nothing about her shoulder.

One arm.

One abrasion.

The Sheriff is required by law to note the injuries.

He did.

“Whenever possible, the law enforcement officer shall obtain a written statement from the victim and witnesses concerning the alleged domestic violence.”

No such statements were part of the reports garnered by a FOIA request to Pinellas County. Neither Andrew Rinder, Taryn nor any of the other Scientologists involved in the altercation reported anything remotely close to the stories Teutsch has subsequently told over the years.

“(3) Whenever a law enforcement officer determines upon probable cause that an act of domestic violence has been committed within the jurisdiction the officer may arrest the person or persons suspected of its commission and charge such person or persons with the appropriate crime. The decision to arrest and charge shall not require consent of the victim or consideration of the relationship of the parties.”

This means that had the Officer determined a domestic violence crime had been committed Rinder would have been arrested on the spot.

He also would have spent a mandatory 10 days in jail according to Florida Statue 741.283.

The reason Mike Rinder was not arrested was because there was no domestic violence.

Taryn claims she saw her mother “bleeding and in severe pain with a cracked shoulder and damaged nerves.” Amazing since no one else noticed or mentioned the shoulder issues. Not even Bernardini herself.

Severe pain?

Cathy rated her pain a 2 out of 10, hardly considered “severe”.

So elusive was the cracked shoulder that even the orthopedic surgeon did not treat it until 14 months later. Taryn Teutsch’s OT power must be x-ray vision for her to be able to see the internal injuries she describes.

Taryn continues; “…and realize that at the same time I had my brother, who had just, was just at the very tail end of his cancer, you know, and at the beginning he was given years to live.”

By that time it was too late to press charges strictly speaking, but I, you know, I took care of my mom and my brother as my top priority.”

Domestic violence is a criminal offense handled by the State’s Attorney. It would not have been up to Cathy or Taryn to file charges against Rinder. The State of Florida would have done so had probable cause been found.

Once again Taryn reaches out from her fantasy land filled with supporters and well-wishers all eager to see an innocent man destroyed to twist facts and lie.

Given her insistence that Mike Rinder is guilty of domestic violence the question to ask is; why has the Pinellas County Sheriff department created this conspiracy with the State’s Attorney to deny Cathy Bernardini justice?

Sound ridiculous?

Of course it is.

4 thoughts on “In Which I continue to Pick Apart a Fictional Narrative

  1. Thank you for your legal research. It further confirms this as the scam that it is.

    It also helps to remember that this was no ordinary (post-) marital quarrel. Bernardini stalked her ex-husband. It’s highly unusual to allow Sea Org persons to abandon their practically unpaid posts for personal business, even for serious family emergencies. Yet, here we have TWO of them who were given leave to go off for something as seemingly trivial as hurling insults at a disconnected family member. Clearly, their cult commanders were expecting a beneficial return for this diversion of resources.

    However, as much precedent demonstrates, cultists go to extremes to avoid one-on-one encounters with Suppressive Persons far less dangerous and anti-social than Mike Rinder. This is despite all the anti-SP “training” that they have paid for, completed and apparently have no faith in. If they spot an SP, they run; and if only to avoid arduous and costly security checks that could result from accidental enemy contact.

    Consequently, as has been documented so many times, cult hyenas only attack in packs. And so it was here: They showed up as a large group of approximately 10 persons, including additional Sea Org personnel that was given leave for the occasion. As well as a couple of private investigators. The PIs were undoubtedly paid for by the cult as Bernardini/Teutsch lack the means to do so after decades as penniless cult slaves.

    The investment in PIs was made for obvious reasons: If Mike could be cornered into taking defensive or even aggressive measures, they would have served as “trained observers” (most likely with some law enforcement background) and “objective witnesses” with neither family nor cult ties whose testimony would carry significant weight in subsequent criminal or civil proceedings. They could also be expected to intervene if things got physical, and then testify to the atrocities they bravely averted.

    As part of standard MO, it’s a safe bet that the proceedings were filmed. There certainly was no shortage of personnel in the cult contingent to run several camcorders or cell phone videos. With a little bit of editing, it should have been easy enough to capture some seemingly incriminating footage. If not to pursue legal action, at least to support the wild allegations that have been peddled since.

    As it stands, no such footage has emerged, and the world has to settle for the Taryn Teutsch Butthurt Film Festival. The only record is an audio recording of Mike on the phone with Jon Sweeney which has done nothing but support the fact that he was ambushed and endured the cult mob without giving them what they so desperately craved.

    The PIs never had any excuse to physically intervene or even allege any wrongdoings they witnessed. Even before the police arrived, they thought it better to absent themselves from the scene altogether. As did the other cult operatives. Even given the ten to one advantage they had, they thought it better not to make any mutually corroborated allegations against Mike. Which is saying a lot given OSA’s and the type of PIs’ the cult hires track record for dirty tricks.

    Teutsch’s claims that she initially lacked the fortitude to become instrumental in criminal prosecution or civil litigation before the statute of limitations elapsed is bizarre on the surface of it. As a member of the cult’s dirty tricks department, she is surrounded by operatives who would have never allowed this to happen. Given even a minuscule opening to attack Mike in the courts that would not have ended in complete embarrassment to the cult, she would have been ORDERED to pursue it despite any trauma she claims to have suffered as a result of mobbing her own father.

    The obvious explanation is that she lacked not only any support in the police and medical examiners records but also from the PIs and cult operatives in attendance. Even her own mother’s statements would have made her an obvious liar. Speaking of which, it is curious that said mother remains absent from Taryn’s “campaign” videos!

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    1. I’m beginning to believe that Taryn is not a very good Sea Org. Her campaign is sloppy and too easily refuted. She created her own foot bullet when she posted the letter from her mother’s Orthopedic surgeon which clearly states what conditions he treated. I wondered about any possible recording. It seems they are never without a camera when in the throes of the attack. That there is no video splashed across the web speaks volumes in my opinion.
      As an aside, when you said “If they spot an SP, they run; and if only to avoid arduous and costly security checks that could result from accidental enemy contact.” All I could think of was a bunch of kids on the playground shouting “COOTIES!” Lol


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