Taryn’s Weekly Rant

In this week’s episode of As The Lies Churn Taryn Teutsch goes for the dramatic once again with a blood curdling tale of horror worthy of Hubbard, himself.

“He destroyed her right shoulder by fracturing it, by damaging her nerves. She ended up with blood streaming off her arm and dripping on the floor, gouged flesh and a lot of damage was done to her body by him. That’s where my story starts on justice4mom.”

Note that there is a new addition to the story; “a lot of damage was done to her body by him.” The injuries are piling up, moving from her arms and shoulder now to the rest of her body. Either Mike Rinder worked incredibly fast, or Bernardini’s cronies are real assholes.

Aside from the fact that neither a medical doctor, paramedics nor Sheriff’s officers noticed blood streaming and dripping anywhere, one cannot help but wonder how such traumatic events go completely unmentioned during the entire recording made by John “The Roar” Sweeney.

Bitter Bernardini’s Oh-Tee power must be a fantastic tolerance for pain. The woman was calm and coherent when interviewed by both the Sheriff and the paramedics. She dismissed her pain, ranking it at 2 out of 10. Bernardini was able to sign the refusal of transport waiver and did not receive treatment for the next year. This level of stoicism could be a super power though it’s more likely that she’s just meaner than pain.

“What happened that day and what has ensued is that my father, Mike Rinder, then uses and takes that incident and what he did and twists his story and tells lies about it and tells lies about the victim, my mom, and me and our family.”

Classic Scientology misdirection at play. Rinder hasn’t done anything of the sort. He’s got a Sheriff’s report and an audio recording that may as well brand the word LIAR on Taryn’s forehead. The only victims here are Mike and his family who are continually attacked for no other reason than pure malice.

“Instead of taking any responsibility, instead of apologizing, instead of helping her with anything—nothing. All Mike Rinder has done and his response to that, is to lie. And with that lying is his attempt to control people and try to consciously get people to think something that’s wrong and something that’s false about what happened and the fact that he damaged her for life.”

We’ve issued challenges to Taryn before knowing full well she’d never have the integrity or the courage to respond. Here’s another one Taryn; read the Sheriff’s report and point out exactly what it is your father, Mike Rinder is supposed to apologize for.

Not even the officer investigating the altercation believed your group’s attempted explanation as to what happened that day.

Ignoring the report doesn’t make it any less real.

It exists.

Every lie you tell lights up like a beacon against the legal investigative documentation that clearly, succinctly exonerates Mike Rinder and puts you and Bernardini in a embarrassing position.

“Although Catherine did receive an abrasion on her arm the injury was likely caused during incidental contact while Michael was attempting to move away from the group rather than an intentional battery. Case closed solved non-criminal.“ -PCSO Report

The indisputable bottom line here is that had Bernardini been truly so beaten with blood streaming across the walls and floor, somebody would have been arrested that day.

No one was.

“Just realize that that might be happening if you’re listening to Mike Rinder. Realize that you’re getting told lies and, in turn, you’re being controlled by those lies. That’s really all I’m trying to say. So I’m just trying to warn you. Watch out. Because, you know, it can tend to send someone off in a wrong direction, that’s all. And I was there, I know what happened, I’m with my mom every single day. And I see the pain she’s in. I experience it every single day. And so that—that’s real. That’s real, not the lies.”

Actually Scientology is using lies to try and control Mike Rinder. To silence him through intimidation and vicious emotional warfare. Taryn, through her willing participation in this farce, is attempting to manipulate people by dehumanizing Rinder with false claims of domestic violence. Something that does a massive disservice to anyone who has suffered the trauma of real domestic abuse.

Yes, Taryn knows what happened that day.

She knows and yet she chooses to lie.

There is no “greatest good” achieved through hate, revenge and deceit. One does not create a better, freer planet through vicious attacks on another.

That’s real.

Not the lies.

3 thoughts on “Taryn’s Weekly Rant

  1. Liars lie.
    Scientology, the “religion” that doesn’t turn the other cheek, has a “training routine” entitled TR-L, which is an abbreviation for “training routine lie”, in which one “drills” the art of lying knowingly and convincingly. Yes, this is considered a necessary “communication skill” that is brought to bear upon us lowly, non-scientology, reactive-mind-driven meat sacks in order to “handle and control” us so that they, superior enlightened beings that they are, can get on with da bidness of saving us and the whole universe from certain ruin, without being hampered by our lowly, foolhardy humanoid standards of decency, compassion, morality, and fair play.
    Taryn “KNOWS” that Mike Rinder is a diabolically evil being whose only mission in life is to suppress and discredit scientology and scientology, which is the ONLY spiritual “technology” capable of saving us all, so-of course!-any means used to UTTERLY destroy him are justified in the race against time to save this sector of the universe…
    It’s completely insane, it’s utter bullshit…
    She is a sick, deluded, lost soul.
    That’s the real “end product” of scientology, when practiced and adhered to “100% standardly” : sick, degraded, emotionally disassociated, bitter, broken, morally bereft fools…


    1. You make a good point that Taryn has become a poster child for what a person can expect to get from this organization. With every video she makes, she presents a strong reason to stay very far away from teachings that only result in anger, sadness, victimhood, blame, fear and distrust. I know Taryn will find the way to happiness someday, it just won’t be, in my opinion, through the lessons of LRH. The Aftermath Foundation is there for you Taryn, and so is your dad. He loves you more than you know

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