5 Things to Know About Mike Rinder

Scientology’s Hate Monitor Monger branch of Stand League, in the interests of equal opportunity abuse, brings its readers their latest attack piece.

Sister editorial to their recent Leah Remini assault, COS once again reaches into the past to revisit the many lies they’ve spread about Mike Rinder.

As the adage goes, “The definition of insanity is repeating the same actions again and again expecting a different outcome”.

With this in mind, Scientology’s Dublin Center displayed exquisite irony in their timing as they tweeted:

Apparently the Tech isn’t working…

Here are 5 things to know about Mike Rinder.

1. Mike Rinder was not “expelled” from Scientology. He blew.

In fact even his bitter ex wife acknowledges this.

Transcript from a Cathy Bernardini Video“So Mike, in June of 2007, was in London on a business trip, which he usually- was not usual. A friend of mine called me and said he had just gotten a email from Mike. And the email said—it was very short and it was not to me. And he said you know, ‘I’m not coming back’.”

Note that she does not say he was expelled. Something that both as his wife and a member of the Sea Org one would assume she would have known ahead of time. Also for the record Rinder did contact Cathy via a letter in which he asked her to join him and build a new life together.

She replied “fuck you” and immediately filed divorce papers.

In a letter dated October 27, 2015 to ABC News, Scientology confirms Mike’s leaving was his own decision.

In fact they insist upon it.

“The Church has already responded to Ms. Remini’s misrepresentations concerning ‘disconnection.’ Those comments apply equally to Mike Rinder’s statements. Mike Rinder ‘disconnected’ from his family when he voluntarily abandoned his wife of 35 years and his two children. He well knows it was his choice to do so,”

Despite their claim of expulsion, Scientology actually reveals the truth twice in this one letter, also writing; “…man who abandoned his family without notice”.

Either Mike left on his own or he was expelled. COS cannot have it both ways. Their own evidence proves the bottom line is that Rinder was not expelled from Scientology due to any wrongdoing on his part.

2. Mike Rinder did not start the Indie Scientology movement, Marty Rathbun and Steve Hall did.

Photo from Independent Scientology

“Marty Rathbun, the number two most powerful man in the Church for 20 years, revived old media connections in the St Petersburg Times (now the Tampa Bay Times) and worked to make them finally understand that the problem wasn’t the philosophy or L. Ron Hubbard, the problem was David Miscavige. Marty also put up a one-page notice online offering his auditing services to anyone who had been harmed by the Church.”

According to the Independent Scientology Website’s history, Mike Rinder is mentioned as a later contributor. His name appears on a list called The Indie 500 dated 2010, 2 years after Rathbun and Hall began the movement. The Indie 500 are “people with the courage to speak out against horrific Scientology abuse and enslavement to help Scientology’s victims break free from the very real prison of belief.”

This Hate Montor article claims as truth that Mike Rinder “…joined up with several individuals also expelled from the Church who claimed they were ‘true’ Scientologists, and set a goal to profit from establishing a competitor church and bringing about, as Rinder put it, ‘the rebirth of the greatest spiritual philosophy the world has ever known.’”

In typical Scientological style, Hate Monitor/Stand League twists the truth to force reality to fit the narrative.

Put plainly; they are lying.


Rinder did not say this. It is part of a piece called Why We Leave by Steve “Thoughtful” Hall that can be found on Marty Rathbun’s blog.

Hall wrote: “It was a perfect storm alright. A perfect storm for the rebirth of the greatest spiritual philosophy the world has ever known. Look in the mirror. You are making it happen.”

3. Rinder did not launch a billion dollar anti-Scientology harassment scheme. Further, Robert Almblad is not a “self proclaimed” inventor.

Almblad is an inventor.

Holding over 30 patents Robert Almblad is the ingenious mind behind the key cutting machines used by countless people to make spare keys amongst other products.

Robert employed Rinder on what could have been one of the most beneficial inventions to the public since antibiotics. Their partnership had nothing to do with Scientology and everything to do with the health and safety of millions.

With ruthless, selfish determination Scientology destroyed not only the opportunity for clean ice in restaurants and hospitals but Almblad’s entire project. Tony Ortega describes this ultimate fair game attack here and it is a link worth clicking. Part two of Ortega’s article can be found on the Web Archive here.

Robert Almblad is an extremely kind and brilliant man who did not deserve what was done to him. It is due in part to his great kindness that this blog exists.


Mike Rinder did not attack his bitter harridan ex-wife. They attacked HIM. Anyone not already familiar with this epically monumental lie can go here, here, here and most importantly here.

This allegation alone proves the insanity definition.

5. Last but certainly not least Scientology comes full circle and lands back at the worst burn to their unearned pride since Going Clear.

Remini and Rinder’s multi award winning docuseries Scientology and the Aftermath.

Apparently no amount of auditing has been able to address the trauma this show has inflicted on the Cult of Scientology. Still smarting from the reality exposed by so many former members, COS’ mouthpieces cannot let it go.

With the failure of Hubbard’s tech to ease the pain inflicted by so much concentrated truth over three seasons, Miscavige has no choice but to retreat to his fantasy happy place for solace wherein he and his minions were able to have the show canceled.

“The show was cancelled after being linked to numerous anti-Scientology false reports to law enforcement made at the behest of Mike Rinder and Leah Remini, and for inciting violent hate crimes based on their hate speech, including the murder of a 24-year-old Scientologist.”

Fantasy and wishful thinking is all this is.

Scientology and the Aftermath was not canceled. It actually ran TWO SEASONS beyond the original intent because of both its popularity as well as there being so many important stories to tell. The show ran its course and since then Leah Remini and Mike Rinder have continued to be strong, active advocates for exposing the truth.

As for the claim that The Aftermath (or Rinder & Remini) was linked to any crimes at all; this too has been disproven. (Also here.)

Scientology has absolutely nothing with which to link either Rinder or Remini to any crime whatsoever.

Scientology LIES.




Each of these 5 allegations are simply more twisting of reality to suit Scientology’s false narrative. A case of the most “ethical religion” on the planet engaging in false propaganda and Psychological terrorism designed to dehumanize good people.

It’s what they do.

And by Xenu do they do it well.

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