Stand League Highlights Leah Remini’s Loyalty

Scientology’s newly minted Hate Monger Hate Monitor published a recent article featuring yet another in a long line of tired attacks against Leah Remini. In this case however their own words ultimately prove the weakness of their claims.

Creepy Eddie? Is that you?

Opening by stating Remini “…had been an actress” everything is predictably downhill from there.

Leah Remini is still busy and going strong.

Much stronger in fact than COS’ ability to recognize sarcasm when it’s utilized as they quote her from a 2015 interview with Dan Harris “…Remini described herself as ‘a crappy, has-been actress who is trying to make a dollar off my church.’”

Every time OSA repeats this quote it reinforces just how weak the comprehension abilities are of these superior beings.

Still feeling the burn from the multi award winning docuseries Scientology writes; “The show involved interviews with anti-Scientologists who used the platform to legitimize disinformation, hate speech and lies.”

To date Scientology has yet to satisfactorily disprove a single accusation made during the life of the show.

Denial is not evidence of fact. Nor is COS’ insistence that Scientology and the Aftermath was cancelled.

It wasn’t.

Hate Monitor’s next claim is that “Leah Remini has a documented history of lying to the police or inciting others to do so concerning the Church of Scientology.”

Actually no she doesn’t.

Saying “the police department could not find a single witness…” isn’t proof of anything on Remini’s part. Rather it is a testament to the unequivocal deceit and manipulative control Scientology employs to mislead. (For example) Of course police would not find witnesses within the cult.

The third denunciation against Leah Remini, vicious, malicious and patently false, has been addressed here and here.

Number 4 is really just the third accusation reworded. “Leah Remini’s blatant anti-Scientology rhetoric is designed to inflame and incite hate.”

There is not a single instance where either Remini nor Mike Rinder have done or said anything inflammatory or to incite hate. Scientology cannot produce facts so, as is their wont, they create their own version of reality and attempt to force it into being.

“Leah Remini has attempted to make a living out of attacking the Church of Scientology” is the 5th sad claim.

Has she really?

For all intents and purposes it appears that Leah Remini has done amazingly well since leaving the cult. In fact it might be said that without Scientology holding her back, she is doing better than ever.

In a society often threatened by strong, focused, intelligent, determined women, Remini is unapologetically all that and more.

Hardworking actress, college student, author, advocate, podcaster, wife and mother in one beautiful package; Leah Remini has proven beyond doubt that she doesn’t need a cult to forge her own path.

“Leah Remini responded by having her lawyer send two letters attempting to extort the Church…”. No attorney worth his salt would participate in extortion. Further, since it is a serious crime why would Scientology not have grabbed such a golden opportunity? They could have filed charges against Remini, dragged her into a public scandal and truly blackened her reputation.

Why didn’t they?

For the same reason Scientology never actually had Mike Rinder charged with domestic violence.

They don’t have a leg to stand on.

Ironically the writer of this whiny attempt at psychological propaganda does produce some truth about Remini, though it isn’t the intended image COS wanted to reveal.

Scientology ends what was supposed to be a hate piece with multiple examples that contradict their own allegations and show a glimpse of Leah Remini’s truth.

By using positive quotes from her time as a Scientologist her dedication and loyalty shines through, rendering useless any attempts to paint her to the contrary. Her defense of Scientology at the time as demonstrated by Hate Monitor/Stand League raises questions as to how COS can defend their claim they expelled her.

Indeed, short of publishing the letters of praise and friendship sent to Remini by David Miscavige himself, nothing could do more to highlight her commitment and faithfulness.

All in all this latest attempt to libel Leah Remini backfires spectacularly from beginning to end.

4 thoughts on “Stand League Highlights Leah Remini’s Loyalty

  1. Instead of whining about it maybe they should answer the question of WHY there are all these “anti-scientologists.” Why would former members privileged to partake in “the only tech” and the “only hope for mankind” not only leave such an amazing “religion” in droves but also publicly speak out against this organization? Why so many people who formerly acted as celebrity spokespersons, executives and senior management? And why do they find it necessary to be so vocal about it?

    How is it that such a small “religion” has produced so many departures? Why is the average member’s tenure shorter than that of hopefuls trying out a new fad diet scam? Why is this group referred to as “the controversial religion” in practically all news reporting on it? Why is this group renowned in the general public not for its teachings or its beneficence but for greed, vitriol and paranoia?

    Protesters and whistleblowers are still entitled to characterize their own feelings about this “religion” as they see fit. But even if you must impute inflammatory terms and rant about it, it would be instructive to also name the object of this “hate.” As it turns out, criticisms do not focus on the group’s beliefs or its remaining members but on its systematic human rights abuses, deceptiveness and ill will.

    Tellingly, several ex-members have testified how transparently deceptive, malicious and slanderous rants from Hate Monger, STAND or Freedumb magazine have driven them away from wanting to continue supporting this group. It’s more than a bit pathetic when a group that sells “PR tech” at typically exorbitant rates has become discredited to the point where it finds itself unable to even “preach to the choir”!

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