Stand League: Hate is their Manifesto

A veritable instruction manual for those who can’t do, Stand League’s website is filled with patronizing, hypocritical articles.

Jeffrey Murphy, Stand League’s imaginary contributor #35, has a recent offering that flies past obnoxious straight into virulently offensive; placing Scientology firmly alongside real victims of racism and bigotry.

Citing the heinous attacks by such extremists as Dylan Roof, Brandon Tarrant and Robert Bowers, it takes no time at all for Murphy’s true target and objective to be revealed.

Writing of the violence, hate and murders he says; “More often it takes the form of less notorious acts that are nonetheless destructive and that create a climate of insecurity, fear and mistrust.”

Then; “The Church of Scientology and Scientologists have also been subject to violent attacks motivated by blatant lies.”

And there it is.

Murphy isn’t writing a sincere piece about ending racism or hate.

Rather he is perpetuating hate, using Stand League as a vehicle that is truly destructive and that creates a climate of insecurity, fear and mistrust for it’s marks.

“Since 2016, the Church has been subjected to hundreds of threats and incidents of violence traceable to the hate propaganda of Leah Remini,”

Using lies to perpetuate hate is stock-in-trade for Scientology and this is just one example. The fact is that none of the threats or incidents mentioned can be traced to Remini.

Not one.

The only way Scientology can find a link is to create one themselves and that is exactly what they have done.

Worse, they are making her responsible for the choices and actions others, including the completely disproven claim that Remini was in any way complicit in the murder that took place in Sydney, Australia in 2019. No doubt exists at this point that Scientology is blatantly lying about the events of that day, details have been released in the media and refute every accusation the cult has made.

Yet they persist.

Fair Game is Scientology’s manifesto, inciting its readers not only to destroy others by any means necessary but providing demented justification for such attacks.

“Others include a woman driving her car through the front doors of the Church of Scientology in Austin, Texas, narrowly missing the Church’s nursery. She referred to Leah Remini as ‘a true inspiration’ and responded ‘that’s too bad’ when she learned she had not killed or injured anyone.”

This is a complete fabrication. A deliberate lie.


Murphy self-righteously notes; “As we’ve seen here, it is malicious falsehoods which, when acted upon, have set people on a malicious, violent road.”

Thus the reason for Scientology’s actions against Leah Remini, Mike Rinder and so many others.

COS’ lies dehumanize.

They tear down, spread unjustified anger and target innocent people.

Leah Remini is not responsible for murder, arson or any other crime.

Scientology purposefully, maliciously and with dedicated forethought creates hate propaganda in order to incite others to anger.

What religion who claims to be the only one who can save and free the world uses such devious, evil tactics?

Oftentimes one finds some radical group spewing fanaticism and conspiracy behind such tragedies as enacted by Dylan Roof and his ilk. Likeminded people who socially isolate themselves and their rage fueled ideology who spend their time staring suspiciously out at the world.

So too Scientology.

Stand League and it’s malicious sister, Hate Monitor, are nothing more than another vehicle for paranoid hate culminating in undeserved attacks against good people.

It is far past time to stop agreeing that Scientology is a religion deserving of First Amendment protections and rights and start calling it what it is- a racist, bigoted, abusive hate cult.

A cult with every indication that it is cold, dangerous and dedicated to their revenge policies.

Murphy writes; “It might seem inevitable that widespread hatred and the violence it generates will always be part of human existence, but it’s not so. As we’ve seen here, it is malicious falsehoods which, when acted upon, have set people on a malicious, violent road. When these falsehoods are removed it is possible to overcome animosity.

Bigotry and divisiveness don’t have to win.”

We need to keep Scientology in the public eye. Not with a wink and a nod. Not as the butt of a joke. Rather with the seriousness and concern such an organization deserves.

They do not have to win. The cost for such a victory is frightening to contemplate.

One thought on “Stand League: Hate is their Manifesto

  1. It’s amazing how much scientology rhetoric has in common with that of the far left. The idea being that if you allow good people to buy guns, this will produce malignant mass shooters. If we allow people to express opinions (or even perform “micro-aggressions) that we disagree with, we suffer victimization and need to retreat to safe spaces where we can suck our thumbs in our own ideological echo chamber–that we expect others to provide for us.

    Or even more contrived, hateful actions are sure to follow from speech we don’t approve of. So speech becomes “violence.” (But perplexingly, “silence is violence” just the same.). The upshot of this infantile outlook: The world is a dreadful, scary, evil place–unless we get our way.

    There are two major problems with this narcissistic, paranoid fantasy: Since these claims are so dramatized, evidence for these links between speech and actual violence is never asked for, let alone provided. Second, what do we expect our society to do? Shut up everyone we disagree with?

    In that case, I have news for the Hate Monger folks: Given how many hateful and oppressive policies your “source” has issued, your “religion” is right in line for being driven out of business! You are beneficiaries of a freedom of speech that extends even to the kooky and malevolent. It protects quackery and your fraudulent “tech.” And it won’t be very hard to pinpoint actual incidents where your calls to arms–“fair game” and disconnection–have actually translated into real-life harm to others whose only sin was to disagree with you.

    So is THAT really what you are lobbying for? Better think twice, while you still can!

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