Escaping The Prescotts

The recent unhinged rant against California Governor Gavin Newsom by Scientologist Ryan Prescott raises questions about the mental health of this cult reared young man. His blind lashing out against all and sundry from deep in his fantasy world is not a sign of emotional wellness or stability. Prescott’s social media is littered with suspicious, glowing tales of angry doubters privately contacting him only to be immediately converted to his way of thinking after one interaction. Other posts demonstrate his overly inflated ego through claims of heroic activism and how selflessly he fights the good fight. Reading between the barely subtle lines is the message that Ryan Prescott is the second LRH, freedom fighter and upcoming Saint extraordinaire.

If nothing else there is no doubt that he believes his own fictional press.

Sadly for him, there is an obvious disconnect between fantasy and reality. Of words there are aplenty, of practical application there is none. He may spout the wonders of his cult until the sun sets in the east, but for every comment he makes defending Scientology there are multiple actions that make him a blazing hypocrite.

Ryan’s cringeworthy, elementary essays are proof that while Fair Game may still be practiced, he’s just not that good at it.

Problem for him is, not once has this misguided 20 something with the maturity of an adolescent, repressed 15 year old ever said anything provably true. Barring obviously biased Scientological sources, hearsay and outright fallacies Prescott has yet to come up with anything demonstrably factual.

So it’s status quo with his recent tantrum against Governor Newsom.

Ignoring everything pointing to the contrary, Ryan announced that his parents lost their business because of political malfeasance, religious bigotry and conspiracy.

It is understandable and admirable for a son to wish to protect and defend his father. However when criminal injustice and immoral behaviors affect the lives of others there comes a point where a person’s actions are simply indefensible and a choice must be made.

Ryan has chosen…poorly.

Hiding from the facts does not make them less factual no matter how hard one wishes.

While Richard Prescott’s shady, negligent business practices were touched on in a prior blog post, Ryan’s lack of objectivity and loose grip on reality make a deeper look worth taking. Junior’s unfounded and desperate accusations should not be allowed to stand unchallenged because his actions and choices, like those of his father, cause hurt and harm to innocent people.

So who is the man who raised and taught Ryan Prescott his current values?

Meet a Scientologist.

Richard Prescott’s LinkedIn resume is notable for the glaring omissions on it’s timeline.

The first item not included is his tenure as Director of Narconon California from 1999 until 2002. Certainly the fact that one held such a responsible professional position would be something most executives would be proud of. Rather than revealing this three year period of directorship wherein valuable skills and experience were gained, he cites as his first employment of note Prescott Consulting. Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Prescott writes that he worked full time here for six years from 1997 until 2003.

Searching the California Business License database no company with this name appears although there is an R.E. Prescott, Inc.

R.E. Prescott, Inc was registered on 07/10/2001 as an “Employment Prep Development” company. It was dissolved 01/11/2008.

If Prescott Consulting was a real business and he was working full time, there is some confusion as he also states that from 1998-2007 he was V.P. Operations/IT Manager for a San Francisco company called Direct Response Digital Imaging.

These overlapping dates would mean that Richard worked as Director for Narconon California for three years (1999-2002) while simultaneously working full time for Prescott Consulting (1997-2003); working for both companies from 1999-2002. Two very time consuming positions that both require dedication, focus and one’s presence.

To further complicate matters, in 2003 Prescott was founder and President of Social Betterment Development Company (SBDC) DBA: New Life San Francisco, (his alleged 200 bed drug rehabilitation center) while at the same time acting as V.P. Operations/IT manager for Direct Response (1998-2007).

So from 2003-2007 he was both President of his own rehab facility and V.P. Operations for someone else’s company. Not surprisingly Social Betterment Development Company is also missing from LinkedIn.

There is no question as to why Richard would exclude this chapter of employment history from his resume.

His actions and lack of even a semblance of business ethics were glaringly highlighted in the multiple lawsuits filed against him.

The unspeakable tragedy of Cody Bates has already been mentioned. However there were more suits besides Ms. Clay’s brought against Richard Prescott and his bogus treatment facility. Carrlyn Clay’s suit was one glimpse into the uncaring negligence, irresponsibility and dishonesty that highlights Prescott’s character. There are others that only serve to solidify this character representation and lower it to a new level of despicable.

SBDC New Life appears, from a licensing standpoint to have begun in 2003. This is also when the Articles of Incorporation were filed.

The legal end date is 2010 when it’s federal tax exempt status was automatically revoked for not filing a Form 990 return for three consecutive years. In other words, Richard Prescott didn’t file his taxes for three years in a row and got busted for it. While 2010 is the official end date there is evidence to suggest that in actuality New Life was closed down much earlier in 2007. This is about the time that the lawsuits began raining down in earnest and Prescott, personally, was named along with his company.

November 2008 one of these Complaints was filed with San Francisco County Superior Court by Jacqueline Struck for Breach of Contract and Fraud. Stemming from August 2007 when her son was entered into the New Life program and Ms Struck paid $9000.00 upfront for his admission. Somehow her son was able to leave the facility and he never returned, consequently he received no services. Struck’s request that her money be returned per New Life’s stated refund policy fell on deaf ears. For 13 months she struggled to get her money refunded to no avail and finally she turned to the courts for relief. Jacqueline Struck won her case and in December 2009 was awarded $9000.00 damages, $1535.04 interest and $736.35 in court costs for a total of $11271.39.

By this time there is evidence provided by Richard Prescott himself that he was no longer in San Francisco as his LinkedIn resume states that in December of 2007 he quit working at Direct Response and by February 2008 he was working in Portland, Oregon at Greentech Systems LLC as Director Business Management.

Amidst the bustle of moving and finding work apparently Prescott forgot to notify San Francisco County of his whereabouts. By February 2012 Jacqueline Struck had still not received her court ordered judgment so her case was signed over to Assured Judgment Recovery, a legal version of a debt collection company. The last known address for Richard Prescott stated in the Assignment of Judgment document is San Francisco, CA. On January 14th, 2019 a Renewal of Judgment was filed with the San Francisco courts with an additional $9895.68 in interest tacked onto the original judgment.

It is unknown whether Ms. Struck has been able to recover her $21292.07 as of the date of this blog post.

August 4th, 2008 Ms Anne Parker filed with The Superior Court For The State of California, San Francisco County a legal document claiming Breach of Contract, Conversion, Fraud in the Inducement, Fraudulent Misrepresentation and Negligent Misrepresentation.

In March of 2007 Parker agreed to pay for the daughter of a family friend to receive treatment for her addiction. The stipulation was that the treatment facility must not be religious in nature or affiliation.

New Life Center was contacted and those involved were adamantly assured that their facility was not affiliated with any religious entity. Later that same month an agreement for the girl’s treatment was reached and Parker wired $15,675.00 to New Life. Several days later the mother discovered the Scientology connection to New Life and promptly removed her daughter after only four days of treatment. Parker was assured by the facility that the removal was still early enough that she would receive a full refund.

According to the Complaint, “Ms. Siva-Wentzel (the mother of the patient and Parker’s family friend) then attempted repeatedly and often to contact Defendant New Life Center SF to obtain a refund on behalf of Plaintiff Anne Parker according to the Agreement’s express provisions and New Life Center SF’s subsequent assurance. Astoundingly, Ms. Siva-Wentzel received not only the ‘cold shoulder’, but downright evasion. (Employee) Mr. Ogur accused her several time of being ‘willing to kill your daughter by withdrawing her from treatment because you disagree with the use of Scientology’ methods of treatment.”

One of the interesting claims in the Parker case is the charge of Conversion.

Conversion is basically a posh way of saying “stealing”.

The second cause of action, Conversion, explained in the court document states “Defendants had a duty to Plaintiff Parker the entire amounts owed her under the express and applied terms of the agreement. Yet through the direction of Defendant Prescott, Defendant(s) converted for itself or themselves the money due the Plaintiff Parker…Defendants knowingly and intentionally converted Plaintiff Parker’s funds in order to further his/its personal business interests while ignoring Plaintiff Parker’s repeated demands.”

Parker won her case and Judgment was entered 09/18/2009; Richard Prescott was ordered to pay $16070.00.

Like the Jacqueline Struck case, Parker was not paid by Prescott and she, too had her judgment assigned to Assured Judgment Recovery. On this document the last known address for Richard Prescott was Burlingame, CA. It is unknown whether Anne Parker has received payment per the Court Order at the time of this blog post.

What is known is that sometime in this midst of multiple lawsuits and mounting debts, Richard Prescott quietly disappeared from the State of California leaving no forwarding address.

At no time was Gavin Newsom Governor as Prescott abnegated his court ordered responsibilities.

In spite of Ryan’s insistence that his parents were innocent victims of an evil politician, based on the facts it is easy to see that it was the character and actions of his father that brought about his downfall, not any outside bigotry or abuse of office.

Ryan Prescott seems poised to follow in his father’s dishonest shoes and is so far off to a running start. He wants those around him to believe that he is the product of persecuted but good people and a persecuted but holy religion. To bolster his claims he resorts to fiction and self imposed blindness yet neither of those things create reality or truth.

For those who had the great misfortune to encounter Richard Prescott their lives were turned upside down. His choices and actions not only contributed to the suicide death of at least one young person but also caused hurt, anger and stress to others by his fraud and deception.

Ryan is already practicing what he’s learned from his immoral, unethical father by writing untrue, unproven, nasty books directed at innocent people he doesn’t even know. With both men the result is the same, senseless pain and grief towards people who have caused no harm and deserve much better.

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