Lying To Stir Up Anger

There is currently an insidious, destructive propensity for some people to rewrite facts, artistically edit truth and erase uncomfortable realities in order to further agendas of hate and misinformation.

This trend is found in circumstances both large and small but no matter where it is applied the result is negativity and anger.

One such situation was mentioned to us this morning and we feel it needs to be addressed.

Tragically Kelly Preston has lost her battle with breast cancer. To fans and the rest of the public this came as a shock because her condition had not previously been made known. To lose the life of anyone to cancer is terrible and our hearts go out to her family, children and friends who must now carry on without her.

Preston’s death has been announced in the news and John Travolta issued a heartfelt statement on his Instagram account thanking the various medical facilities and care workers who treated Kelly.

Tony Ortega, as did so many other journalists, wrote about Preston’s death on his blog. In line with his usual focus he speculated on how John as a Scientologist may have been dealing with the painful situation.

Ortega was in no wise nasty or hateful in his commentary. He made simple statements of facts as he knows them, then moved on to his next subject.

It was brought to our attention this morning that someone known for twisting facts and attacking people for no other reason than a differing of opinion, has taken it upon himself to engage in Scientology worthy Black PR in an attempt to create anger where no reason for it exists.

“Black propaganda is a covert communication of false data intended to injure, impede or destroy the activity or life of another person, group or nation, usually issued from a false or removed source from the actual instigator.

Taking one quote from Ortega’s article and posting it out of context, this person claims that Tony “Trashed Travolta for losing his wife”.

We challenge all our readers to read Ortega’s entire article and find one instance of such an accusation.

To be clear, in spite of the inevitability of being labeled a “Bunkerette”, the fact is that after the public humiliation Ortega caused this writer there is no personal connection. This is not about Tony Ortega, it is about the truth.

Accusations that are solely intended to cause harm based upon falsehoods and nothing more need to be called out. Especially when there is an obvious, overt spreading of lies simply to create anger, outrage, division and to stir up animosity towards another. There are no justifications, no reasons other than these for making the conscious choice to sit down and publicly attack anyone in such a way.

Citing one paragraph from Ortega’s article as proof of the “cruel repetition of his anticultist narrative which reads;

We can’t help wondering if that helps explain why he might be spending time in Scientology’s spiritual mecca as his wife lay dying. Travolta is a major ornament for Scientology, even if leader David Miscavige doesn’t think of him the way he does his best pal, Tom Cruise. A notorious homophobe, Miscavige nevertheless can’t afford to lose Travolta and have him come out publicly against Scientology, so the church will expend enormous effort to keep him in after this latest blow.

What the author of this purposefully misleading piece fails to mention is the prior sentence that Ortega wrote, Travolta is a pilot and owns planes that enable him to cross the country at pretty much any time, so he could easily have been with his wife this weekend after being in Clearwater Thursday, so we’ll wait to hear about what transpired the last few days in their lives.

After the death of their son Jett in 2009, Travolta was extremely grief stricken, and we learned later that Scientology put auditors in his home for the next two years to help him get through it — but it was also suspected that they were there to make sure that he didn’t ditch the church after such a traumatic episode.”

Nowhere in the article is there any “trashing” of Travolta.

The dishonest piece opens with;

“tribalism is made up of 3 things:

1. Cruelty
2. Hypocrisy
3. Blind Loyalty”

We fail to find many things more cruel than to set out with malice and forethought to attempt to bully and attack by intending to whip up public outrage against another person for no reason. Further examples of both hypocrisy and cruelty can be found ad nauseum on this particular person’s blog. A blog we will not link to because we do not wish to help spread the hate.

The utter hypocrisy of the author smugly feeling no shame in writing such an article in the first place boggles the mind. Such careful avoidance of the obvious parallels between his accusations against another and his own actions is incredible.

Finally, his complete inability to allow anyone to hold or express their own opinions if they differ from his along with his bullish attacks when they attempt to do so seems clearly to be a demand for blind obedience and loyalty.

The truth is that Ortega simply wrote a short commentary on the death of Kelly Preston and the handling of the situation by John Travolta. It was completely in line with his normal Scientology theme and in no capacity did it cross any line of common decency.

That anyone felt it necessary to manipulate the truth in order to create an ugly accusation and raise the ire of the public speaks volumes about the writer of the lies.

Why would anyone purposefully engage in such vile manipulations?

For hate.

For division.

For attention.

Currently we are living in a climate of ever increasing fury fueled by just such actions. Anyone who engages in this kind of dishonesty just to create anger is part of the problem.

It needs to stop.

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