Taryn Teutsch; If You Can’t Stand The Heat…

Taryn Teutsch is back to falsely accusing her own father of “animalistic” (her word) domestic violence.

While her actions are absolutely being driven by OSA policies, she is also in an extremely difficult predicament.

Raised in a merciless, unforgiving cult that embraces the destruction of family, Taryn and her brother Ben are trapped with one parent in and one parent free. Not a place any child should find themself in.

A situation which should be enough to convince the world of just how dark and abusive Scientology is.

No matter the extenuating circumstances, Taryn still bears responsibility for her actions.

Allegations of brainwashing aside, she is making telling choices as she creates her tale.

Choices that intentionally twist fact into fiction.

Her continued public attacks against Mike Rinder in the face of so much irrefutable evidence that she is lying is the epitome of malice.

In her most recent blog article she makes various claims against her father designed to destroy his reputation.

“I have a father, Mike Rinder, who animalistically attacked my mother in a domestic violence situation, and he caused her damage for life.”

Two truths exist in this statement; one is that Rinder is her father. The second is that domestic violence did take place that day.

Florida law defines domestic violence; “‘Domestic violence’ means any assault, aggravated assault, battery, aggravated battery, sexual assault, sexual battery, stalking, aggravated stalking, kidnapping, false imprisonment, or any criminal offense resulting in physical injury or death of one family or household member by another family or household member.

Assault in the state of Florida is either a physical or a verbal threat to harm another. There must be an ‘apparent ability’ to carry out the threat and it must create a well-founded fear in the victim that the violence is imminent.”

Taryn has, on a number of occasions, made public the medical documents belonging to her mother, Cathy Bernardini.

She has studiously not released the Pinellas County Incident Report.

This is because if she did, it would clearly disprove her lies. Taryn’s choosing to not reveal the police report shows informed decision making on her part.

April 23, 2010 found Taryn, Cathy Bernardini, Andrew Rinder and others, including Scientology hired Private Investigators, actively searching for Mike Rinder.


Such a large group of people intent upon hunting someone down with the express purpose of causing an angry confrontation cannot reasonably be construed as anything else.

Pinellas Sheriff notes: “Based on the information I received during the investigation it appears that Michael was intentionally followed to the doctor’s office and confronted…”

Rinder was unaware, minding his own business while a posse of determined individuals were looking for him.

Once this group found him, they surrounded his vehicle and both attempted to take his keys and physically keep him inside the car by trying to close the door.

The Incident Report by the Sheriff’s Office states, “During the confrontation Catherine admitted to standing outside the driver’s side door of Michael’s car attempting to keep him in by holding the door shut.”

Also “While he was waiting outside in his vehicle, his car was surrounded by Catherine, Taryn, Andrew, Susan and 4 other subjects he identified as private investigators.”

Eight people surrounding one.

False imprisonment and assault in that this clearly shows a physical threat that would leave anyone feeling frightened for their safety.

During the John Sweeney recording one can clearly hear a struggle taking place between Mike and his brother. At 2:12 in the recording the physical attack takes place just after a concerned Sweeney asks Rinder if he’s OK.

Andrew Rinder snarls “Don’t be a dick! Don’t be a fucking dick!”


Doctor Holly Johantgen, whom Mike’s wife (then girlfriend) Christie was seeing at the time, told the investigating officer, “…she observed people yelling at Michael as he was trying to back away from them.” The doctor also noted that Andrew Rinder was standing in the doorway.

False imprisonment.

Yes, domestic violence certainly occurred on April 23, 2010.

Against Mike Rinder.

His bitter, angry ex-wife, daughter and brother all conspired to hunt him down, physically and verbally assault him while attempting to keep him from removing himself from the scene.

As to the continual griping that Bernardini has been damaged for life by Mike Rinder; Taryn herself has provided the medical proof that this is not true.

Bernardini, regardless of what she may have claimed (claims that were dismissed by the police) was actually treated for long term, degenerative medical conditions. Attending Orthopedic Surgeon James Bell noted she had tendinitis, bursitis and an acromion hook with impingement. Taryn Teutsch has released portions of Cathy Bernardini’s medical records for public view which subsequently could then legitimately be argued that Bernardini has waived her HIPAA rights. Dr. Bell took an oath to “Do No Harm”.

Standing silently by, doing nothing while an innocent man’s character is being ruined, not to mention the pain caused to his wife and son, is certainly contributing to causing great harm.

Finally in reference to Teutsch’s accusations that “But permanently damaging my mother and causing that physical pain wasn’t enough for Mike Rinder. He now has to and does continue to, on a daily basis, spread hate and harass our family, my mother, my brother and my father’s siblings.”

First, Taryn has her father blocked on every social media platform she can block from. She runs her Fair Game campaign from behind walls like a coward, afraid to actually face the man she is so unfairly, cruelly attacking.

How would she know what he’s doing?

Second, there is no daily attack.

No daily harassment of her or her bitter, angry mother.

Of course Rinder has responded to her allegations.

What a horrible situation for him to be in; caught between protecting himself from libel and his love for his daughter.

Taryn, if you are allowed to publicly attack someone, that person is equally allowed to publicly defend themselves. If you can’t handle the blowback from lying then stop and get out of the kitchen.

Fact is, Mike Rinder is not the one constantly calling you out.

I am.

I take full responsibility.

Two years ago when I started this blog it was because I was so incredibly outraged that anyone would chose to lay bogus accusations of domestic violence against an innocent man. I could not let this go unchallenged.

Mike Rinder could rightfully accuse me of real presumption.

I took it upon myself to jump feet first into this situation, though in fairness to me I would not have done so had it not been a public attack.

Mike Rinder has never once asked me to write a single word about this campaign of yours, Taryn.

I choose to fight you.

You made this a public issue, I saw it, looked into the details of your claims and acted according to the dictates of my conscience.

In fact, I told you from the beginning that I would match you step for step. Every time you lie I will be there to refute you.

If you want to be angry at anyone over all this turn to the mirror, then turn to your religion.

You have chosen this path of deceit and rage.

Scientology has a large stake in this mess, but you know what you are doing. You know the truth and you are making fully informed choices to twist the truth and spread false information. You are culpable for your own actions.

If you are enlightened enough to create this campaign, to carefully pick and choose what information to share, then you are also enlightened enough to know that attacking your father in this way is beyond abusive.


You, Taryn Teutsch, are spreading abuse, hate and entheta about your own father.

You are not engaging in the oh so vaunted communication tech created by L. Ron Hubbard. You’ve given your father no chance or a hearing.

You and Scientology both know that you’re lying so what would the point be of engaging with Rinder?

You are judge, jury and executioner over a fake crime that you, your mother, OSA and Scientology have trumped up to destroy a man whose only real crime is that he, unlike you, finally acknowledged the most painful, difficult of truths.

If you choose the behavior then you choose the consequences.

It is morally, ethically and socially wrong to falsely accuse a man of rape or violence.

I repeat, every time you falsely attack anyone I will be there. Countering blatant lies with facts and truth is not spreading hate.

This is a public mugging and I am not one to simply walk past and do nothing.

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