Oh the Whining, Wailing and Gnashing of Teeth!

Boo Hoo

Now that Mike Rinder’s book A Billion Years is published it comes as no surprise that a collective wailing can be heard from Scientology.

What is surprising is that COS/OSA/Taryn Teutsch would launch such a weak counter offensive.

Taryn honestly thinks, with so much hard evidence available proving she’s lying through her teeth, that Megyn Kelly would give her a platform to falsely accuse her father of vicious domestic violence.

As for her petulant accusations of neglect and absenteeism, Rinder himself already acknowledged he was not there. Had Taryn actually read the book she’d have seen he is extremely clear about this. Since this is something they both agree on there’s nothing more to say on the matter.

Cathy Rinder Bernardini was not there, either. The only reason Taryn isn’t also bemoaning the loss of her mother during her formative years is because “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”.

In the early days of Taryn’s campaign of fair game against Rinder, one of her tools was a video made by Dr. James A Bell.

Dr. Bell, Cathy Bernardini’s orthopedic surgeon, was used to create the impression that there was substance to the claims of domestic violence. It was not long before that early video was removed.

Recently however a new video has been posted along with the unequivocal claim that Dr. Bell “Confirms Cathy’s Permanent Disability from Mike Rinder Attack”.

Does he?

James A Bell is an Orthopedic Surgeon working for Desert Orthopedics in Rancho Mirage, CA. He is also affiliated with Eisenhower Health which encompasses “award winning facilities”.

Scientology’s current video indicates that in spite of his being used to help destroy an innocent man’s reputation in the past, Bell has strangely continued to treat Bernardini. While his video had been removed, the letter he wrote on Bernardini’s behalf is still available.

She was physically attacked which caused a problem to her right shoulder and forearm”.

Herein lies a conundrum for Dr. Bell.

If he believed that Cathy Bernardini had been “physically attacked” leaving her with such severe injuries then why did he break California law and not report Mike Rinder?

Bernardini could not have stopped his reporting as under CA law “patients do not retain the right to refuse reporting.”

On the other hand, that he did not report the injury and allegation as domestic violence indicates he didn’t believe it. If this is true then why does he make this comment in his letter. More importantly, why has he agreed to be involved in a second video 12 years later?

Either way his conduct is suspect.

We reached out to Elizabeth Wholihan, V.P. Marketing and Public Relations for Eisenhower Health for a comment but thus far have not received a response.

Given the prestige and reputation of Eisenhower Health’s “5 star career experience”, that Dr. Bell’s seemingly unethical and seriously questionable actions are unchallenged is curious and concerning.

Any physician who would allegedly agree to be part of a fraudulent scam to ruin someone’s reputation should not be practicing. It certainly is not a good look for the physician, his practice or his affiliated facilities. Sadly this is what Dr. Bell’s actions appear to be.

Bell is fully aware of all the documentation proving the truth of the events of April 2010. We provided copies to both Bell as well as to the manager of Desert Orthopedics years ago. We’ve also now provided this information to Ms. Wholihan. If we receive a response we will update this article.

As for Taryn’s whining that Megyn Kelly “didn’t say one word about” her letter, why would she? The proof that Teutsch is lying is publicly available and incontrovertible. Why would Kelly air something so clearly untrue? What would it accomplish other than help Scientology spread their lies?

We would however, love to offer this suggestion to Ms. Kelly; call Taryn Teutsch’s bluff. Invite her onto the podcast. (Additionally, we would love the opportunity to discuss this issue with Taryn in such a forum.)

Our bet is that Taryn will not be permitted to participate in Megyn Kelly’s podcast. Not knowing full well she would be faced with the mountain of evidence that proves her lies.

In the meantime, please read Mike Rinder’s book.

4 thoughts on “Oh the Whining, Wailing and Gnashing of Teeth!

      1. Miss you too! Needed a break from social media. Still working on stuff. Give my love to everyone!


  1. As you wrote: Cathy Rinder Bernardini was not there, either. The only reason Taryn isn’t also bemoaning the loss of her mother during her formative years is because “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”.

    Absolutely correct. What’s more, Taryn would have to admit that NONE of the SO parents get to be present for their children (if they don’t abort them on cult orders in the first place). And that SO children have been cared for under despicable, abusive conditions. Or that the cult’s labor exploitation is so egregious that SO members now are forced to remain childless altogether.

    For that matter, SO members rarely get to be present for any functions occurring with family members outside the cult either. And if family members dare to speak out against the cult, no contact whatsoever will be permitted after that.

    One of the most insidious things the cult does is coerce its members, especially SO, to engage in all kinds of heinous conduct. And after the fact, they vilify the former member for the very things they had ordered them to do in the first place.

    What else to expect from a cult whose founder forced his wife and the mother of his (third set of) children to go to prison for committing crimes he had ordered her to commit in the first place.

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