Prescott Proves Fair Game Once Again

Scientology currently finds itself facing a very large, very uncomfortable lawsuit wherein once again their abusive practices will be out on the table for everyone to see.

One of the many abuses cited in the lawsuit includes the Scientology practice of Fair Game.

The Court document states:

“There is a department within CSI known as the Office of Special Affairs (“OSA”). OSA is supervised by Mr. Miscavige and tasked with attacking anyone who questions or criticizes CSI and its affiliates, Mr. Hubbard, and/or Mr. Miscavige. OSA employs lawyers, investigators, public relations personnel, and others who dedicate themselves to destroying anyone identified as an attacker of CSI or Mr. Miscavige. CSI through OSA and its members utilizes what Mr. Hubbard and CSI calls “Fair Game” tactics to attack, harass, embarrass, humiliate, destroy, and/or injure individuals who CSI perceives as “enemies” or threatening to CSI.

CSI and OSA deem anyone who speaks out against Scientology in any manner a “suppressive person.” Once deemed a “suppressive person” or an “enemy” of Scientology by CSI, members of CSI are directed, by Miscavige and according to the written policies of Scientology, to, deprive that individual of property, injure that person by any means, and/or destroy that individual. It is specifically written in the policies that if a member of Scientology does any of the above to a “suppressive person” and/or enemy, they will not be disciplined in any fashion by CSI.”

Of course Scientology has long denied the existence of Fair Game and even recently @ExposeNetwork loudly proclaimed on Twitter that there is no such thing.

“There is no “fair game” in Scientology. This is an incorrect use of a term that was used for 3 years 30+ years ago. Scientologists have the right to provide the truth and defend themselves when being attacked.

They’re not just going to sit there and be attacked for no reason.”

—@ExposeNetwork, Twitter, June 24th, 2019

While it would be in the best interest of Scientology to NOT engage in their favorite pastime right now, because any new attacks would just bolster the Plaintiff’s claims, Scientology is not one for using common sense or restraint.

Enter Ryan Prescott, young self appointed spokesperson for Scientology.

Educated by Scientology and the questionable Grant Cardone, Volunteer Minister and “Motivational Speaker”, Prescott has apparently decided that the very best way to help his beleaguered church is to step right up and highlight Fair Game in a bold new way.

He wrote a book.

Actually he has written two books, both dedicated to conveniently collecting the various ugly, false, malicious allegations and lies that can be found scattered across the Internet on the many COS Fair Game websites and binding them neatly into two volumes.

The first book is apparently filled with a selection of targets.

The second upcoming tome is completely dedicated to the bullying and harassment of Leah Remini.

In his usual, poorly written way, Prescott begins the description of his latest work saying:

“Leah Remini has been posing as a “hero”, “brave”, and a “whistleblower” for “exposing” Scientology. The fact is that Leah has been hiding information from the general public in hopes that they’ll just continue to believe what she states. When the truth comes out about her, she is fast to attempt to discredit but, that won’t work now.”

When the truth comes out about her, she is fast to attempt to discredit. Huh?

Anyone who has read Troublemaker knows she already addressed the Dead Agent Policy by preemptively stating her human faults and foibles. Beyond that there have been no new “truths” nor has she made any statements discrediting anything or anyone.

Leah, on the other hand, has been the target of the most heinous and callous of allegations by Scientology.

Claims that she is responsible for inciting violence and hate, arson and even that she has “blood on her hands” for being complicit in a murder.

Not once in the face of all these lies, defamations and scurrilous accusations has she issued a single statement in her own defense, let alone made any attempt to turn around and discredit any of her attackers.

Frankly Leah Remini has shown incredible restraint, dignity and class in light of the constant bullying she is subjected to.

In Prescott’s own special, elementary level style, he continues:

“In this fine book there are interviews from those which (sic) she has abandoned, connections in which she has bribed and/or has control over some shape or form, and how exactly she had the chance to trick people into believing a former actress who was expelled from her former religion did anything but pretend to be a Scientologist and use people for her career.”

1. That is one giant run on sentence.

2. “From those whom” not which.

3. There is just no help for “connections in which she has bribed”, it simply makes no sense.

A. “She had the chance to trick people into believing a former actress”

1. She is still an actress.

2. “Had” is past tense so if he’s talking about when she was still in Scientology (in the past) then she was not a “former actress” then, was she? If she was still in Scientology and still an actress who was she tricking and what was she tricking them into believing?

B. “Who was expelled from her former religion did anything but pretend to be a Scientologist and use people for her career.”

1. Not only is this awkward but it also doesn’t make sense.

2. If she pretended to be a Scientologist why was she awarded all those Scientology Commendations and why did Miscavige himself put in writing that he considered her his friend?

Finally he closes the review of his own book by saying:

“Therefore, here is this expose’ (sic) on Leah Remini and the reason behind everything that she is doing. The thing is… I really don’t think you’re ready to know where she gets her orders from and what kind of operation she is running. It is pretty sickening stuff and it is only for those willing to get the truth and stop thinking unreality and reality.”

His book is only for those willing to get to the truth and stop thinking unreality and reality.

As for the rest, first he accuses her of bribing or of somehow having control over others, how she tricked and used people; all actions of someone with a strong, forceful even bullying personality.

Then she is a weak person taking orders from someone else.

As poorly written as it may be, this book is concrete proof of Scientology’s policy of Fair Game, of how they spend their time actively working to publicly denigrate, humiliate and malign innocent people.

With exquisite timing, Prescott is promoting not one but two current examples of exactly how Hubbard’s exhortation that an enemy “may be deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist without any discipline of the Scientologist. May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed” can be carried out.

It is amazing to think of any Scientology attorney standing in the courtroom and insisting that Ms. Haney is lying about being a victim of Fair Game while at the same time two outstanding bits of evidence to the contrary will have been recently published on Amazon.

What other possible purpose could there be for a young Scientologist who most likely has never even met Leah, let alone have any intimate knowledge of her personal life to write such a book?

Biographies, even unauthorized ones, are usually researched as fully as possible. From the description given by the author, this book apparently has its foundation in the nasty websites created by Scientology.

Websites that were designed for one reason only.

To fulfill the Fair Game Policy as outlined by L. Ron Hubbard.

Not only does Ryan Prescott have difficulty with the basics of writing, but he also appears not to know when to lay low and back off.

He has created evidence that can and hopefully will be used against Scientology in a court of law. It is to be sincerely hoped that when, under oath, a cult member claims that Fair Game is not part and parcel of COS’ daily life the plaintiff’s attorney will point to the websites and the Tweets and these books and ask;

Mr. Scientologist, if Fair Game does not exist, then what is the explanation for the scurrilous, malicious, libelous content in these? What else could this kind of bullying attack on innocent people BE other than a to-the-letter description of Fair Game?”

One does not simply sit down at the word processor and decide to write an entire book dedicated to spreading the basest of lies about someone one doesn’t even know without a reason.

Leah Remini has never, as far as this writer knows, spoken a word about Ryan Prescott. She has never done him harm or mischief. Yet he has seen fit to write a book with the sole purpose of the public ruination of her reputation.

Which is what would happen except for the fact that there are not many right thinking people who will believe this malarkey.

Frankly Prescott, the time when Fair Game might have been effective is over.

Your pathetic attempts are only to your own detriment. In the overall scheme of things, Leah Remini is a multiple award winning actress and producer. She won recognition when in Scientology and she is winning even more now that she has left.

Her strength and courage in providing a safe platform for other former cult members has drawn thousands of people to her light.

She has touched the lives of so many in a positive and caring way and is doing her best to help.

Your poorly timed actions, your feeble attempt to somehow diminish her momentum just makes you look more and more foolish.

There is a lawsuit on the table right now that we are sure Scientology wants to go away.

By setting out these nasty little bully books the only thing you are accomplishing is further proving to the world that Fair Game is alive and well and practiced with malicious glee.

You’ve done no good service for your so-called religion, Ryan.

If you had even the smallest bit of common sense left to you the smartest thing you could do would be to remove your libelous bit of fiction before it comes back and bites you.

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