Miscavige and Hubbard; A Pair of Frauds

L. Ron Hubbard was a high school dropout who would go on to become a college dropout. Educational career fully tanked, Hubbard would claim he was a nuclear physicist as well as a Ph.D.

Stealing unearned credentials is nothing when held against Stolen Valor. But in for a penny as is said…

Hubbard’s claims of researching for all of the many technologies which form the basis of Scientology have also been debunked as impossible.

Why would LRH spend thousands of hours researching anything when he couldn’t even be bothered to do the basics required to pass his classes? Without even a fundamental understanding of a subject, how would Hubbard even know what to research?

Who in their right mind would go to a dentist or physician who’d never finished medical school?

Consider that Scientology is filled with people who are being taken in by the ultimate con; their entire belief system is based on…


As Mike Rinder writes, “As is very well documented, he took a course in atomic and molecular physics at George Washington University for two semesters, received an F and subsequently dropped out of college altogether…”

Two failed classes at GWU at the very least exposed Hubbard to the subject. The charlatan would go on to claim expertise in psychology, child rearing, Business Management, data analysis, a sociological study, social betterment AND the study of deleterious trends in the modern diet. No reasonably thinking person would believe these claims.

Amongst other fictional credentials, LRH appended Ph.D to his name.

How could a college dropout achieve a Ph.D?

Buy one from a sketchy mail order “university” whose hallowed halls were comprised of a P.O. Box.

Sequoia University, a fake school that slammed out faux doctorates for a price. The closest to Ivy League this degree mill could come was perhaps the vine twisting about the mailbox post.

L. Ron Hubbard, too lazy to do his homework in either high school or college couldn’t be bothered to even stamp an envelope. In 1953 he ordered an associate to procure the bogus degree for him, thus was purchased a “Doctorate of Philosophy” from chiropractor Joseph Hough owner of Sequoia University.

Once LRH earned his Ph.D in Philosophy through the painful effort of opening his wallet, he then bestowed on himself a Doctorate of Scientology, “D. Scn.”

Because why not?

Hubbard’s history of taking the easy path to undeserved accomplishments is a slap in the face to all those hardworking, dedicated students who actually earned their degrees. People who expend untold effort, time and money, sacrificing much to be worthy of bearing those honorable titles are dismissed by an unscrupulous man who simply bypassed the dedication and bought or created the doctorates.

Given the character of Scientology’s Founder, how can it be believed he would then exert the vast amount of commitment and energy to doing true research in any subject?

In 1965 Australia’s Anderson Report challenged L. Ron Hubbard’s degrees. In the face of such exposure, Hubbard did what he was best at and spun the truth into a more acceptable fiction.

Rather than face the fact that he was lying all along, Hubbard decided to stop the use of “doctor” as a protest against abuses by other doctors. (Insert eye roll here)

The rest of the letter is padding, justifying Hubbard’s actions by a game of semantics. No one was forcing him to stop calling himself a Doctor. He was renouncing the title as a honorable act of protest against his fellows who abused their privilege.

So he said.

Attempting to convince his followers that he deserved his doctorate even as his own grandfather had been a doctor is laughable when one considers that Lafe Waterbury was a small time veterinarian in Montana in the early 1900’s.

L. Ron Hubbard dropped out of high school and college. He was never a scholar nor did he earn any degrees. Subsequently there was no research into anything, only twisted plagiarism and stolen expertise.

So it is that a cult whose foundation is supposed to be a technologically superior science designed to make mankind free from his reactive mind, promises to cure all bodily ills which, Hubbard asserts, are psychosomatic and bestow super powers is in fact nothing more than a fart in the wind.

An uneducated narcissist pulled it from his ass as he smirked at his gullible followers on his way to the bank.

Interestingly in 1976 David Miscavige too dropped out of high school in favor of joining the Sea Org.

Today, David Miscavige continues to promote the stench of Hubbard’s offering, just as uneducated and just as unqualified as his predecessor. Perhaps even less qualified as at least Hubbard was inventive enough to create the Bridge and OT levels. Miscavige has not been able to produce the additional levels promised and prepaid for no matter how hard he may try.

One cannot help but wonder; in the last months and days of LRH’s life, was Miscavige motivated by scorn for the old man? Did he look at all the income and believe he could do so much better if he could just get his rapacious little hands on the reins?

One wonders, too if David Miscavige bit off way more than he could chew.

Failure after failure has been COB’s achievement.

His one television interview was a study in crash and burn. His violence and deviant need to shame and humiliate those around him created the conditions where heretofore dedicated members had enough. People like Mike Rinder, Marc and Claire Headley, Amy Scobee and others blew, carrying with them truths that began the slow crumbling of the empire.

Faced with multiple lawsuits, Miscavige, like Hubbard, resorts to hiding from the courts. Unlike Hubbard however, Miscavige lacks LRH’s incontrovertible gift of spin. Instead social media attacks under COB’s direction are spiraling out of control shining a spotlight on his ever slipping grip. (Both on reality and his leadership abilities)

Old Hubbard’s dry, Vistaril imbued ashes are surely whirling in a rage across the land as his usurper continues to ineptly undo the fake religion he built.

Hubbard failed out of school. There were no doctorates, no nuclear physicist, no MD.

He was a fraud and a conman who built a religion on nothing but wind.

At least Miscavige and his predecessor have a few things in common.

2 thoughts on “Miscavige and Hubbard; A Pair of Frauds

  1. El Wrong Blowhard and His Humunculus, Captain Macallan, have created a legacy of abuse, fraud, and ruined lives.
    Both have lived in lawyered-up, secure, offshore-accounts-funded…HIDING!

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