A Blind and Aimless Fury*

As the Fair Game campaign against Mike Rinder begins to fade, Bitter Bernadini has upped the ante in her bid for revenge.

The Taryn Teutsch Twitter account had become stagnant with Taryn simply and tiredly reposting the same videos and photos over and over. The few comments made were derisive and frustrated.

Then Scientology decided to pull out the big guns and prove to the world that they are, indeed, the most unethical organization on the planet.

But here, again they just cannot get it right.

First, Bernadini’s allegations concerning the passing of their child.

This is a horrible tragedy that no parent should ever have to face.

Death and loss are not dealt with in normal, healthy ways in Scientology, however.

Former Sea Org member Marie Bilheime spoke about the suicide death of her husband on The Aftermath and how she was not allowed to address her grief or even talk about his death at all.

Taylor Tweed’s mother, Cathy, shrugged off her daughter’s death saying she was “at peace” with Taylor’s decision. Likewise, Phillip Gale’s mother used the death of her son as a tool to call out the press, rather than express any grief over his tragic loss.

Indeed even L. Ron Hubbard showed no parental love or agony when his son committed suicide, instead shouting “Look what he’s done to me!”

Most recently a young woman on Twitter stated that she has lost someone very close to her but thanks to Dianetics, she was smiling again in only a week.

It is important to remember that Bernadini is a Scientologist. She too is using a tragic loss as a tool to manipulate the emotions of the rest of us. When non scientologists read such a statement as the one she makes in her rambling diatribe the natural reaction of normal, right thinking individuals is outrage and hostility toward the accused. This situation is not normal and must be viewed through the cautious lens of skepticism.

Cathy Bernadini has already clearly and firmly displayed that she does not tell the truth.

She has already cried “Wolf!”

It has been proven without a reasonable doubt that even in the face of documented facts she not only continues to hold firmly to her fiction but elaborates upon it recklessly.

As a SeaOrg member so high up in the hierarchy Mike would have been exactly what Scientology would have expected of him; completely focused on his duty and completely dedicated to Scientology to the exclusion of all else.

No one can expect to know what he was feeling or experiencing at such a loss. Everyone grieves differently and there is no right or wrong way.

However Mike would not have been permitted the luxury of such healing emotion when the “more important” work of Clearing the Planet needed doing.

Cathy Bernadini is banking on the fact that by manipulating the emotions of those not familiar with how Scientology works, she can achieve her end result of public anger towards Mike Rinder.

Instead it needs to be remembered that Scientology orders it’s members to Fair Game those they deem enemies and that the policy explicitly states one is to use any means necessary to achieve the destruction of the victim.

Even to the manufacturing of crimes.

Bernardini’s next complaint against her ex husband is of his so-called emotional abuse.

Welcome to Scientology, folks.

What Never Ins and ex Scientologists understand as abuse is status quo in COS.

Considering how damaging auditing is to an individual’s psyche, the brainwashing, the emotional manipulation and other conditioning tactics used by this cult, the fact that anyone might be less than kind is not surprising. This claim must be dismissed as yet again another attempt to manipulate public emotion against Mike.

He cannot now be judged by what is normal, healthy, acceptable behavior when he was at that time not in a normal, healthy environment.

Additionally, Mike walked away from Scientology.

Pushed to the edge and faced with the realities of continuing he chose wisely. It says something about his character that in spite of a lifetime of Scientology indoctrination, in spite of everything he knew and believed in he was still able to walk away where so many others don’t.

Further, one might also consider that Bernadini is actually giving the rest of the us another tiny glimpse inside the real Scientology and how those in The SeaOrg actually treat each other.

Her last but most disgusting accusation.

That of rape.

This must be considered in same light as all her other accusations. Having already proven that she is incapable of honesty, having already proven that she is willing to say anything even in the face of irrefutable proof, how can one possibly believe that this claim is true?

Her penchant for wild exaggeration has already been displayed for the world to see.

What is described in a legal report drawn up by on scene EMTs who treated her as a “minor skin tear” has morphed into violent, bone breaking, shoulder dislocation and having had the skin peeled from her arms.

The police report clearly states that the investigating officer believed Bernadini was lying to him concerning how she came to find her ex husband that day. Nor did he believe her claim that her one noted injury came from Mike Rinder.

The Doctor whose office was swarmed by the screaming group stated that upon the arrival of the police Bernadini went from an angry, screaming woman to polite and cooperative in the blink of an eye.

It might be helpful to further point out that Scientology had no compunction whatsoever in publishing some of Mike’s private “confessions” from his auditing files in order to make their case against him on their smear site.

One would think that having a Knowledge Report from Bernadini accusing Mike of raping her with a sausage would be Scientology gold. It would already have been exposed to the world as triumphant proof of Rinder’s perfidy.

In light of all the evidence and under the particular circumstances that a new season of Scientology: The Aftermath is about to begin one must believe that this is simply one more disgusting attempt by Scientology to Fair Game Mike Rinder.

Cathy Bernadini references the Alice in Wonderland sequel by titling her bit of ugly fiction Through the Looking Glass.

It is interesting that she would use such an analogy.

Alice walks through a mirror into a backwards world of nonsense and confusion.

In this world, Alice finds herself playing a giant game of Chess. Along the way she meets strange, twisted characters who make her doubt herself.

She discovers that she cannot trust what she sees in those around her.

It leaves her questioning her very existence.

The irony.

This latest ugly attempt at destroying Mike Rinder’s reputation cannot be accepted.

Scientology must be shown that Fair Game is no longer an effective tool.

Defaming an innocent man out of desperation and malice can no longer be allowed.

Consider the source when hearing any further accusations made against those involved in exposing the evils of Scientology. Remember that COS is a dark and backwards reflection of the truth.

They think they are working hard to Clear the Planet, that their hate, intolerance and lies are means justifying the end.

They are wrong.

“If seven maids with seven mops

Swept it for half a year,

Do you suppose,” the Walrus said,

“That they could get it clear?”

“I doubt it,” said the Carpenter,

And shed a bitter tear.”

—Through the Looking Glass, Louis Carroll.

*Louis Carroll in “Alice on the Stage

3 thoughts on “A Blind and Aimless Fury*

  1. Regarding the loss of the infant we have Vikki Anararans affadavit.18. Mike Rinder, a member of the CMO International and his wife, Kathy, had a newborn baby in Clearwater, Florida in the early eighties. Mike Rinder was in Gilman Hot Springs, California at the time. This baby died when only a few days old. The baby had received Hubbard’s baby care technology. After the baby died, Rinder asked to receive some time off to go to be with his wife and family.

    When Miscavige was told of this, he responded that time off was “bullshit” and Rinder did not need time off, he just needed to work as his stats (“statistics”) were down. Besides the baby would get another body and there was nothing to be so upset about.

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