More Broken Laws and the Deafening Silence

When Scientology set out to destroy Paulette Cooper in order to stop her from writing anything further about their organization they had someone steal her personal stationery with her fingerprints on it. They subsequently used that stationery to write bomb threats against themselves which resulted in Ms Cooper being charged. Fortunately for Ms Cooper, the timely FBI raid produced all the evidence needed to exonerate her and save her from spending her life in prison.

Thirty some years later a desperate Scientology is caught with it’s pants down once again.

The STAND League proudly and loudly posted a letter glowing with support for COS on USC letterhead and signed digitally by the Reverend Doctor Cecil “Chip” Murray.

The letter was allegedly sent to The Disney Company in order to try to stop them from backing Leah Remini’s Scientology and the Aftermath.

Thanks to the hard work of a smart and knowledgeable woman who knows her field it was discovered that this letter was a forgery. Another disgraceful, possibly illegal action of a floundering and failing Cult who calls itself “The Most Ethical Religion on the Planet”.

Of course, when one has a proven track record of blatant dishonesty everything surrounding that person or group becomes suspect. Are any of the letters posted by the STAND League real? Can anything that Scientology says be trusted in light of such acts?

The answer is, quite simply, “No”.

We all know that Scientology lies through it’s collective teeth.

The letter from Dr. Murray was a forgery, their so-called “Multi Faith Coalition” Press conference was nothing more than a Scientology protest against Disney. There weren’t even any members of the press at the “event”.

Scientology Spokesman Edward Parkin asserted that Leah Remini and Mike Rinder have “blood on their hands” and were responsible for the terrible and tragic murder in Australia, even though there was absolutely no evidence to support his accusations.

Lies upon lies upon lies.

We all know exactly what Scientology is and where it stands.

Of more concern to this writer is the response, or lack thereof, by Dr. Murray and USC.

The forged letter was posted by Scientology around December 13th, 2018.

I wrote a letter responding to the various points outlined in this letter on December 28th, 2018. My letter was emailed to Dr. Murray via the USC email portal that same day.

Thanks to Robin Athlyn Thompson and her brilliant detective work she was able to show that the Murray letter was a fake.

However in the meantime neither Dr. Murray nor USC made any comment concerning this fake letter written by Scientology. There is nothing to indicate that someone did not receive my email so it must be assumed that someone was aware of it. Yet Dr. Murray still attended and spoke at the COS Multi Faith Coalition protest in Burbank.

Even supposing for the sake of fairness that no one received my email, Ms. Thompson had contacted the University and they were aware of this issue from her for certain.

Yet Murray still attended the Scientology event.

According to Tony Ortega’s blog he says:

“Last week, Scientology doubled down on its deception by holding what it called an “emergency press conference” of the “Los Angeles Faith Coalition,” a group whose website the church owns. The hastily arranged event, featuring only a couple of dozen attendees, was held across the street from the Disney Studios in Burbank so that Murray’s (faked) letter could be presented to Disney in person.”

Further although Ms. Thompson received notification that the letter was a fake, why has there been no public announcement? No formal disavowal of complicity in Scientology’s campaign against Leah Remini, Mike Rinder A&E Networks and Disney?

USC did provide Ms Thompson with a letter stating that the Murray letter was fake and they were investigating the situation however Dr. Murray has not been heard from and he is the key pawn in this mess created by Scientology.

Not only did Scientology drag USC and Dr. Murray into their web of deceit and hold them up as supporters and defenders of their organization but they further posted the letter all over social media as part of their Fair Game campaign against Remini and Rinder. Gloating that such a learned and respected man would be supporting them so publicly.

One would assume that this would be enough for some sort of public rebuttal and a clear distancing of USC and Dr. Murray with Scientology.

Additionally and even more importantly where, again, is either law enforcement or the IRS? Scientology’s tax exempt status absolutely depends upon them being a Charitable Organization and law abiding.

With the documented history of illegal operations by Scientology along with the current misuse of trademark/forgery/identity theft that shows a clear and unbroken history, why is no one initiating an investigation as a first step to revoke the exemption?

Why is no one speaking out?

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