Scientology Continues It’s Psychological Abuse

We knew it had to happen.

Leah Remini is hostess of a new show on the Game Show Network and Scientology has absolutely nothing else to do but complain about it.

Courtesy of Ordained Minister Creepy Eddie Parkin, a new article, for immediate release has appeared on Stand League’s website.

Parkin lost no time fulfilling his ministerial duties, slamming out his bit of spleen the same day as Remini’s interviews aired online.

While most clergy representing their faiths busy themselves with acts of kindness for their communities, Edward Parkin’s time is obviously spent combing the Internet for any mention of Leah Remini which is indicative of an unhealthy obsession.

The Twitter verified Minister had his knickers in a monumental twist for weeks each time Remini and partner Mike Rinder won an award for their work on Scientology and the Aftermath. Now that the busy actress is splitting her time between this new project and her much needed work exposing Scientology’s realities, Parkin is fit to be tied once again.

Following the usually ineffective strategy of publicly calling out anyone who works with Remini, Creepy Eddie once again throws down, demanding the Game Show Network apologize, fire Remini and go stand in the corner.

They “call on GSN to apologize to all Scientologists and the faith community and deplatform its notoriously toxic, unrepentant and hateful host.” 

What “faith community”? His conglomerate instructs its members not to take anything on faith. If Parkin is referring to communities of real religions, certainly no one wants this man speaking on their behalf.

Parkin brings out his tired, disproven rhetoric claiming that Leah Remini is responsible for attacks against his “church”.

“…inspiring hundreds of threats and acts of violence against members of the Scientology religion and their children and families—with violent criminals citing Remini as their inspiration for extremist threats and attacks, including declarations of intent to burn down Scientology Churches and murder Church members.”

None of this is even remotely true nor could the man hope to back up this ridiculous statement. Even had Confront and Shatter not addressed these allegations a simple internet search would reveal the truth of each of the claims laid at Remini’s feet. If he hopes to convince GSN that their hostess is a bigoted madwoman inciting hate crimes against humanity Creepy Eddie’s actions backfire on him spectacularly.

Obviously during his Scientology upbringing no one thought to warn him about the dangers of spitting into the wind. Rather than casting any doubt about Remini’s character, all Minister Parkin’s whining does is reinforce the truth of her message that Scientology Fair Games the former members who suffered under its tyranny.

L. Ron Hubbard advised his followers not to believe anything unless they see or experience it for themselves. Creepy Eddie seems to have forgotten this admonition as it is difficult for the Never In community to ignore what they see with their own eyes.

“In a string of interviews this week promoting GSN’s show, Remini exploited the opportunity to plug her hate agenda, spewing derogatory, dehumanizing and abhorrent anti-Scientology lies, ostensibly with the sanction of the Game Show Network.”

Didn’t happen.

In her interviews like the one for Chicago’s WGN9 Remini mentioned first that the opportunity to host People Puzzler was a welcome respite from the fraught emotion of her Emmy winning docuseries on A&E Network. There was no derogatory, dehumanizing language.

Frankly, in this interview at least, the worst thing Remini said was that because of documentaries like Going Clear and The Aftermath Scientology is not getting as many new members. Far from incendiary speech.

She noted that Scientology is “…not an innocuous little religion. It is a tax exempt organization using millions of dollars to harass, stalk and silence their victims.”

Hardly hate speech though Scientology would certainly find the truth abhorrent.

If Fair Game were not so deadly serious and malicious this situation would be humorous. Creepy Eddie cries “Leah Remini is spreading disinformation and hate!”

All while engaging in exactly the behaviors she describes in her interviews and on her shows.

Minister Parkin stands proudly in his glass house, stone in hand demanding an apology and consequences for his illusory injuries.

One might ask, since the idea of a derogatory hate agenda has been broached, where the apology is for millions of Christians who L. Ron Hubbard’s teachings egregiously offend. Referring to Jesus Christ as a “molester of little boys” and teaching that religion is just an implant designed to mislead.

Every day the Christian community must tolerate the abuse of our most sacred sign of salvation, the Cross of Christ. Planted upon Scientology buildings and used by them in a heretical parody of faith this is a blasphemous affront.

When, Minister Parkin of the most ethical, tolerant church on the planet, should Christians expect Scientology’s heartfelt apology?

Can the Jewish Community soon expect an expression of remorse for Scientology’s embrace of the Nation of Islam and their divisive, anti-Semitic hate?

Sauce for the goose and all that.

Perhaps if Scientology tried practicing what they preach the hate and anger against them might begin to subside. Perhaps not. Some bridges, once burnt, cannot be rebuilt.

Ironically Hubbard also insisted that when someone was being attacked by others it meant he or she was accomplishing much good for the Planet. That it is suppressive people trying to stop the humanitarian contributions and positive inroads being made.

Well done Leah.

5 thoughts on “Scientology Continues It’s Psychological Abuse

  1. Scientology is open to all religions … it’s stated right on their booklets. Right?

    HA! as long as you dont practice anti-scientology, christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, all other religions and now we need to add Game Shows host along with truth teller.

    So, basically, ANYTHING that does not agree with Scientology, L Ron Hubbard or simply tells the truth while producing evidence through Scientology own policy to back up the truth is wrong according to creepy hat dude .

    Got it.

    I dont think that’s how FREEDOM works. I’m pretty sure FREEDOM encourages a person to choose and act for themselves without limitations as long as no proven harm is done.

    Leah Remini is practicing anti-scientology and living her life (working, loving and enjoying) by choosing her path. She has every right and freedom to think for herself. ( Which is not attacking Scientologist but Scientologies fair game policy and disconnection policy) And hosting a game show is part of that freedom of choice ( and as a side note, she is really good at it and I like the show)

    The creepy hat dude needs to either put up (show proof of his statements and not conjecture) or shut up! To simply put it, Creepy hat dude, Stop being a mouth piece for the anti-freedom seekers also known as scientology leaders.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ol’ Eddie Parkin is just another putrid cult polemicist. What a sad gig…
    It’s his usual schtick, full of lies, hyperbole, and projection…yelled in an echo chamber inhabited by, what, five
    other scien-bollockists? And they tell themselves that they ARE, yes SIR Cap’n McSavage SIR, saving the universe and…and…and…
    Pack it in, Parkin!

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  3. Curious. They call on the media to freeze Leah out for her ideas. As well as the violence these ideas allegedly spawn, even though that point is one entirely of their invention.

    At the same time, did they ever join those calling for Danny Masterson’s ouster from Netflix–not for ideas but for hideous and contemptible violence accompanied with much sneering and an obvious lack of regret or repentance? Instead, not only do they gladly allow him to remain in the “church” but they have been credibly implicated in protecting him and terrorizing the women demanding their day in court.

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  4. “Every day the Christian community must tolerate the abuse of our most sacred sign of salvation, the Cross of Christ. Planted upon Scientology buildings and used by them in a heretical parody of faith this is a blasphemous affront.”

    The cult’s take on the cross speaks for itself: A double-cross. How fitting!

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