Taryn’s Newest Tactic

…didn’t last one whole article…

Definition of “Obsessed”

Taryn Teutsch has apparently spent the past decade desperate for something to do.

Despite not having any real followers or supporters, she’s so deeply lost in her fantasy that she just can’t let it go. To that end she has evidently spent some of her empty, available time in logging the hours between the day she and her mother attacked Mike Rinder and the present.

There’s time she’ll never get back.

Since all her old attempts to discredit her father have fallen flat in the face of the evidence, Taryn is now trying a new tactic; a pretense of caring for those who don’t know they’re “being used”.

Rather than continue the former stratagem of telling ever more lurid tales Teutsch proffers herself as sincerely concerned for the well being of Rinder’s unwitting victims.

Taryn Teutsch writes; “Recently there’s been a lot of talk about how bad actors use social media to spread disinformation and thereby amplify hate towards others.”

She is absolutely correct:

Disinformation and lies spread by Scientology for no other reason than to amplify hate towards innocent people.

Spot on Taryn.

“Once I noticed this and put the pieces together, I decided to do a video on each person that my father, Mike Rinder uses to attack us. I figured I could at least give them the benefit of the doubt, in case they don’t realize how they are being used.”

Oh the selflessness.


She begins with one of Scientology’s favorite targets after Mike Rinder and Leah Remini; Tony Ortega.

Taryn’s suggestion that anyone who has chosen to stand up to her lies concerning what happened in April of 2010 potentially has no idea they are being used in some nefarious plan by Rinder is disingenuous.

Considering the amount of fair game hate directed at Ortega and Jeffrey Augustine over the years, any chance of their being unaware of the characters of both Rinder and Miscavige is slim to none.

In fact her newfound care and concern completely falls apart before the end of her article when she immediately drops the “benefit of the doubt” pretense and attacks Ortega with the same old rhetoric he’s been hit with for years by her cult.

All hope for believability sails off into the ether as she goes on to snidely attack anyone else who has dared to oppose her fictitious narrative.

“The type of people he chooses to do his bidding varies wildly, from people who are mentally unstable; fully fledged supporters of sex-trafficking; and women who take advantage of men sexually.”

Other than Ortega, Augustine and this blog, we are unaware of any other voices exposing this particular fair game campaign over the past few years. If you are one of the “women who take advantage of men sexually” and are also defying Teutsch’s fiction we’d like to speak with you. Same for the mentally unstable people as well…unless that’s me. Then never mind.

Of Ortega Teutsch whines; “In December 2018 Mike got him to post that I, Taryn, ‘…pretend that some incidental contact during an ambush is somehow proof that her dad is an abuser and should be fired…’”

Taryn needs to redirect her frustration to the Pinellas County Sheriff Department. The phrase “incidental contact” comes directly from the PCSD Incident Report which can be seen here along with all the other documentation.

As for her ongoing claim that her mother, Cathy “Bitter” Bernardini, deserves justice; it seems to this writer that the woman has already received it.


Update: Since writing this article it was brought to my attention that I am indeed the mentally unstable person doing Mike Rinder’s dirty work. https://youtu.be/VRvBC9mUobA

2 thoughts on “Taryn’s Newest Tactic

  1. Her videos get click-farm views and critical comments are not responded to, but deleted.
    So much for the scientological freedom to engage in real communication with anyone.
    She could respond directly to this article if she chose to.
    Of course, that won’t happen; she is a deluded, lying coward.

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  2. As to be expected, the Hate Monger postings are as hypocritical as ever. While it’s perfectly just for them to come to inflammatory conclusions and demand drastic action (along the lines of “fire him and him and cancel her”), they are oh so delicate when others lodge their perfectly permissible and peaceable protests.

    As usual, it takes a generous helping of lies to justify the indefensible, namely the daily atrocities perpetrated by this cult.

    Erin McMurtry, the TX woman who mistook the Austin Xenu bin for a drive-in establishment was a typical social justice warrior. Her FB page at the time of the incident featured a litany of “causes” that she felt strongly about. Her single approving comment about Remini–a few days after her book was published and almost a year before her docuseries–was just one of these causes. As so many SJWs, she was clearly a troubled person as anyone reading her FB page at the time could easily enough discern. The result was undoubtedly tragic; more than anyone, for Erin herself who had to face the consequences of a grand gesture that was universally condemned among cult watchers.

    But as anyone who read Remini’s book (a readership which may or may not have included Erin) knows, it’s a memoir. It reveals the workings of the cult but by no stretch of the imagination is it a call to arms. So if book burnings are called for, it seems pointless to burn books for what they are NOT saying. Why not start with books that openly advocate world domination by a paramilitary cult employing any means available? elron’s writings come to mind.

    Since when is “doing something about the xyz problem” an inappropriate or even heinous suggestion? Problem solving lies at the heart of any human progress. And let’s face it, it’s a bad idea for an organization known for its atrocities to dredge up the holocaust. Especially in light of the fact that the cult leader’s “scriptures” make numerous mentions of classes of people who ought to be quarantined or disposed of without hesitation or sorrow. And keeping your own “clergy” behind barbed wire bars or imprisoning them whenever a whim strikes only adds to these atrocities denounced by Chris Shelton and so many others. But here we are yet again with self-defeating, tone-deaf histrionics.

    It’s almost comically unaware to publish a long arrest record (24 times!) of what is obviously a habitual criminal and most likely a mentally disturbed individual and harp on the fact that somewhere in his long list of crimes he allegedly threatened scientologists. Even if that latter claim is true, it would appear that said man figured out how to be a menace to society long before he ever heard of Xenu, fretted about whatever had become of Shelly Miscavige or even heard of Leah Remini. In that respect, he’s strangely reminiscent of elron who was sporting a long list of crimes, lies and anti-social acts before he even settled on the “religion” business.

    Which brings us to Taryn. But enough already…


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