But Fair Game Doesn’t Exist…

Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs is back at it, renewing their Fair Game campaign against Mike Rinder.

Rinder won an Emmy and Miscavige got his shorts in a twist over it.

After a hiatus and a blog redecoration, Taryn Teutsch is once again in front of the cameras pushing the sob story of her permanently disabled mother who was viciously attacked by her rabid father.

The allegations of domestic violence leveled against Rinder have already been disproven due to the overwhelming evidence that exists. Not only is there a Pinellas County Police report that effectively puts paid to any suggestion of aggression on Mike Rinder’s part, but the entire incident in question was recorded on cell phone. Further proof can be found in the form of an EMS report as well as a letter from the orthopedic surgeon who treated Bernardini 14 months after the alleged attack.

There is no way Bernardini walked around with a broken shoulder for 14 months and no doctor noticed it. Bursitis and tendinitis are not caused by an attack like the one variously described by Bernardini, either. Doctor Bell may have mentioned the incident in his letter but the treatment he describes is for long term conditions.

In the face of an ever evolving tale, Azhlynne’s Blog addressed Bitter Bernardini’s accusations point by point here. We also confronted later dramatic additions to the story here.

Teutsch’s blog has a brand new article and this time she attempts to convince her audience (whoever they may be) that her poor mother is at special risk during this pandemic because of Rinder.

“I have spent the last six months with my mom, making sure she was safe as this pandemic hit. Her body has already been weakened by the abuse of Mike Rinder and she’s already had to go through surgery and remains in pain.”

Sounds to us like Bernardini is PTS.

Let’s get real here, please. Bernardini claims that she suffered some soft tissue damage and a broken shoulder. Neither of these conditions leaves an otherwise healthy woman with a weakened immune system a decade later. No physical attack that took place in 2010 is going to predispose anyone to Covid-19 today.

Teutsch sadly goes on to lament, “That has been my top priority for quite some months now. And at this point, it is a matter of getting used to the new normal, which is not something I thought would ever happen, but we’re doing that.”

What new normal?

Bitter Bernadini had surgery to correct an acromion hook in 2011. What kind of hypochondriac cannot get her life back together a decade after having shoulder surgery? What does it say about Scientology that she is struggling so hard to handle life after one medical issue?

People out in the real world deal with many kinds of physical conditions and disabilities yet still manage to live productive lives. Survivors of wars don’t complain as much as Bernardini has done.

Scientology ignores the mountain of evidence that dispels Bitter Bernardini’s sob story and continues to falsely accuse Rinder of egregious domestic violence.

Never Ins take note of this situation very carefully because it is representative of exactly what this cult does to attack people. They ignore the truth and embrace incredible lies in order to destroy the reputations of anyone they deem Suppressive. Actions that need to be remembered with every social media attack Scientology makes.

Every accusation made by COS must be measured by this shining example of Fair Game. If they are willing to cross the line of morality and truth in order to accuse an innocent man of domestic violence then every word and action henceforth must be considered suspect and untrustworthy. Remember that in light of Hubbard’s admonition to “utterly destroy” enemies, no filthy level of nastiness is off limits.

Rinder is accused of domestic violence. Paul Haggis is accused of rape.

Scientology knows exactly what emotionally charged buttons to push in order to elicit shock and outrage.

Always consider the source of these attacks; the most ethical religion on the planet.

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